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This video is of me doing a digital painting of Kat Von D, the tattoo artist on the TV shows “LA Ink” and “Miami Ink” on TLC. It’s time lapsed and this one took me like 4-5 hours real time. Hope you like it! Music: “I Only Want You” – Eagles of Death Metal “Miss Alissa” – Eagles of Death Metal “Dancing With Myself” – Nouvelle Vague

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D – Speed Painting by Chip Whitehouse”

  1. PattiSioux

    That is amazing. Absaloutley amazing, I can only just type on a computer and you go and do all of? that!

  2. RoundBrushSteve

    Top stuff,? Kapeesh!

  3. syvazsu

    OMG! that soooo amazing!!!?

  4. oolilsqueeklesoo

    hi, i’m an artist myself; my medium is usually acrylics, but ive always wanted to use the digital paint, but i am just a little intimidated by it.
    you are an amazing artist, and from what i see here. you’ve inspired me to take on the program :)
    what program do you? use anyways?

  5. DrawingsByEhvh

    Amazing! I am going to draw her too! Check out? my portraits ? 😉

  6. arturcreo

    Zajebiste? :)

  7. iamsabrii

    Exelente trabajo..!!! como lo hisistee..!¿?? Felicitaciones… =]

  8. SilentPetals

    WOW? this is amazing!

  9. RikoBeast

    What’s that program or w/e you’re using to “pin” the reference photo? to the screen? Looks mighty useful. That’s the thing that gets me about drawing/painting on my computer is I’d have to switch between programs to see the reference P:

  10. 12Cecy34


  11. kossigan

    I want to purchase some of your artwork. Where can I reach you? and also? what program did you use?

  12. patsy02

    Spectacular artwork accompanied by Eagles of Death Metal and? Nouvelle Vague

    You have created the ultimate video

  13. ThornellianKingdom

    She’s so pretty.

    Nice job :))?

  14. losti1992


  15. blastardo666

    great man?

  16. dizzone

    That was so fucking bad? ass!!!

  17. adgerggg


  18. XplicitGlam

    omg. kat von d<3

    and i admire you so much for doing this. i've wanted to do a? painting of Kat but i thought it would be hard. im gonna try it on PS :)

  19. ZhokaDVOM

    what? program did you use for that video

  20. ambri3ce

    wow. amazing.? very talented.

  21. adamisxcore

    hahah, so? crazy I used Eagles of Death Metal on my speed drawing of Kat. great minds think alike ;D

  22. snowmountain2007

    That was so fucking cool!!! OMG!! You did a fabulous job!!? I’m sure Kat Von D was very pleased with this!!!!! Huge compliment!! 😀

  23. zwitterface

    This is awesome. For some reason I am facinated by the hair. Not that anything is bad about it,? just the way the hair looks seems really realistic.

  24. gimmesixx

    that? was sick…amazing job!

  25. bludecembers2


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