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Kat Von D’s LA Ink season1, episode 1, part5 – Welcome Home Kat

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19 Responses to “LA Ink 101 pt5”

  1. ZombDragon

    Downtown. Omg, I love Kat.? xD

  2. dragooned123

    i love how? good a tattooist kat is

  3. elephantasmic

    The only bad tattoo kat has ever done was in miami when she drew this baby? and its hand was upside down. Nobody even noticed!

  4. mrseek6

    4 douchbags? found the dislike button

  5. XxILuvGaaraxX

    Dude luv that girls LA? belt! It’s awesome

  6. countroshculla

    All these expressive words? : dude, chill out, hang out, rock on!

  7. ChicanoArtizt

    I have that exact tattoo? -_-

  8. dickiedik5

    what are u? mean with get a life?

  9. plutoplatters

    neckalace? ?

  10. jbguitarplayer15

    yea im only 16 rite now
    but wen im 18 im moving 2 los angeles and live there 4ever
    and? 1 of my goals over there is 2 get a tat at la ink
    by corey,hannah or kat von d herself

  11. 5596857

    i? live like 4 hour of l.a jojo
    i will doit whe i turn 18 (6)

  12. barley96

    Kat says that you should be proud of where you were born at.? She obivously has never been to Delaware.

  13. 120508Disturbed


  14. amiablekinkajou

    get? a life!

  15. yayah102

    they only just started playing miami ink here in new zealand.there playing it from the very start of the series…so kats on? it…

  16. 120508Disturbed

    Kat. Spell? Her name right!

  17. egjramin

    I live in germany and want to get a tattoo from Cat someday
    she´s the? beeeeeeeeeeeeeest

  18. RenegadeRMX

    Thanks a? lot, now i don’t have to get the dvd! =D

  19. Jimmyjewels

    Thanks? for Posting!!!!!

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