Kat Von D’s at Sephora Saint Look: Ludwig Palette How-to Posted by admin on March 30th, 2012 | Comments (25) |

Watch Kat Von D’s tutorial using her Ludwig Palette. Shop Kat Von D at Sephora now: bit.ly

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D’s at Sephora Saint Look: Ludwig Palette How-to”

  1. xfireintheskiesx

    I just bought this palette yesterday at Sephora and I’m going to TRY, keyword TRY hah,? and copy this look next time I go out, but no way can I do it that quick and easy like she does. I wish though. :[

  2. 91RaeMarie

    this is deff a video where i woudl say less is more. i love this so much it is so natural and beautiful and thw application really doesnt? take that much time out of your morning. i use her looks every day.

  3. AmandaPayge

    I’ve never thought about starting with the darker colors first.? Interesting.

  4. AntsyArt

    Pretty is an? understatement.

  5. SuperBREDDA

    Kat Von D is my girl crush. Everything about her is so sexy ESPECIALLY that voice! Love from a straight girl. I don’t know how she does? it.

  6. typicalsexylady

    so pretty so natural and? soo beautiful….ur born for makeup

  7. MarthaJoco

    IM in love with the lipstick lovecraft <3 its such a pretty? nude pinky shade. Its like my lip color but better

  8. aesellerose1216

    omg i love kat von d? eyeshadows !

  9. eekkitsannie

    Love this makeup palette. Deff.? reccomend it!

  10. punkrocker539

    0.0 i think? i’m a lesbian

  11. MsPinkBullets

    She’s so? beautiful :) love her look.

  12. SuperSidewalkChalk

    she looks so different? with out her makeup on

  13. FemmeChocolat1

    at? 1:45 she looks so adorable :)

  14. BoomBoomInYurRoom

    she? should have her own make up channel. i’d sit around for hours watching them

  15. MARiiA100Brenda

    shes? so preety!!!!!!!!!11

  16. j0jo65

    what song is this??

  17. missssdaydreamer

    i love the first frame of kat, she looks? so natural and beautiful!

  18. RetardsonMac

    I? WANT.

  19. schummiehugo

    wat? een lelijk eendje

  20. vienneseoyster43

    I love her makeup :) I looove her styles without the tattooes.?

  21. scarlettsinay

    aw i love? her cute little smile in the beginning

  22. 18animallover

    KAT VON D YOU ARE MY IDOL!!!!!!!!! thumbs up if you think so too :’) ?

  23. vikkisixxxx

    Dude, it is. Also her eye shadow primers are the? best!!!

  24. janabean09

    she is? so stunning in her own unique way <3

  25. nicoleeism

    something? by ratatat

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