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current season aired on february 18th 2010

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25 Responses to “La Ink S05E01 part1”

  1. WildcatAltana

    At last? that bitch is gone!!!

  2. TheKieshaKiesha

    Amy aka bart? simpson voice

  3. nefertitiify

    i think Aubry is the STAR, she’s the one which raises the rating. the others are so bored. aubry is the spicy? for the show

  4. iRunWithLife


    I mainly agree.

  5. ViktoriaVision

    High Voltage is THE most unprofessional shop ever. Kat is a bitch, through and through. This shop is like a little group? of people who will never let anybody in. Kat, shut the hell up about your “tattoo family”. Aubrey definitely has huge faults, but that shop is a dramafest and a hellhole full of people who think they’re the best in the business when they’re just assholes with a TV show.

  6. mexicanzombie69

    People please this is what we call bs “big show” they r good actors …this? is just a show ..more drama more ratings we get lol

  7. bozo47p

    corys a? gay ass monkey….a fat ass gay ass monkey little pussy…kats little bitch

  8. Nicolerulezlife

    the Kat I see with the newer show is the real her bc I actully like? her again.I wanted to get a tattoo by her a long time ago and yea its scripted but i think she wouldnt wanted to come off the way she did.I just feel glad Aubry stuck u for herself for one.How much u all think their best friends or something lol

  9. Nicolerulezlife

    Do you think Kat watchs the shows before it airs?I saw an older one where she is helping this? girl out and I’m like wow I really like this Kat.She dont seem to like being cruel to ppl.I wonder why she thought it was just Aubry bc I think its all of thems behavier.I’m suprise aubry didnt sue her for something bc how they treated I get both points but I feel she was judge unfairly and if u didnt want her why not fire on the day u meet her endtead of injoying causing painto others.idk hope

  10. KillerBuzzTattoo

    Aubrey is pretty hot, I would diffenatly slap her around if she was my girlfriend. Just to slap her around.?

  11. VeryYoungGrasshopper

    Talking? the person out of the tattoo?
    If the person was sure about it, she would have gotten it no matter what Aubry said.

  12. tripboy24

    is? this show about tattooing,or just over dramatic bs

  13. Dylbert666

    Kat Von D is the SEXIEST woman? alive.

  14. koolmayyn

    oh Aubry, your not a door mat, a door mat is so much more useful? then you

  15. missjayare

    Kat is so unprofessional its hilarious! While she is going on about? how Aubry is immature, she is screaming her head off, swearing and whining for Aubry to get out of her shop. Aubry is somewhat annoying, but Kat was very cruel to her and Kat’s tattoo shop is an exclusive mess. i hope it goes down sinking!

  16. BBoyMadnez

    I LOVE KAT! ?

  17. xxgoodxxevilxx

    are there cameras all over the? place?? is that god??

  18. THEonlyGUYinTHEworld

    i? love pissed off kat!

  19. 909sophielou

    Kat should have fired corey? , hes such a shit sturer

  20. veradietrick

    i love Aubry’s face when she? realizes shes fired @4:25 😀

  21. MrYomaymay

    hey guys if Kat fire Aubrey, then we won’t have to? season to watch! lol

  22. HoneyAndSulfur1991

    I love Kat Von D and she inspired me to want to tattoo. But, I must say if she would treat her help better and stop acting like its all? about her, her shop would be awesome. Without her shop help she would be nothing.

  23. CorruptionxXx


  24. deesan82

    Well, about time!? I think Corey needed to pay more attention to his client. She did look freaked out and I am actually glad she didn’t get the tattoo. Tattoos aren’t for everyone. I have a half sleeve tattoo and it is visible and for life. People should think about these things before they do it. They should take special considerations to the virgin-skin clients. FK Corey and Kat baby, hope you change a little and become a better boss.

  25. paleandso

    From the way Kat and Corey behaved, I guess a long time ago they didn’t afford having? chairs to sit on. All they had were broom-sticks. Trying to balance on those things while tattooing…. Ouch.
    Just kidding, they’re just being unproffessional.

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