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Hey Everyone! Another tutorial using the Tattoo Chronicals palette A little something different for the holidays!Enjoy:o) DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated with any of these companies mentioned in this video. All of the products were purchased by me unless otherwise stated in my video. My opinions are not influenced in anyway. Thank you:o)

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicals Tutorial 2”

  1. AkiAme0

    I love watching your videos! this look is adorable& I swear that “Hollywood” shadow from that palette is THE BEST! mine has a huge dent from me using it soo dang much haha
    I love your hair! swear i wanna know? how!!?:O

    you’re soo pretty!!!

  2. NicolesMakeUpChair

    I think you look like Beth Chapman from Dog The Bounty Hunter. :) Your hair looks amazing. I really love all of your hair tutorials you put a nice spin on things. Your make up looks luscious as? always :)

  3. Zoeebella

    @TheSatan24? I love Chanel foundations. I also like the Smooth Mousse by Maybeline:o)

  4. TheSatan24

    @Zoeebella Great video, what foundation do? you use cause your makeup looks perfect. :)

  5. Zoeebella

    @SaraNicole001 Hi Sara! It’s my real hair. I tried recording it last month,? but I got an error. I’ll try again soon:o)

  6. SaraNicole001

    your hair is so cute did you use your extentions too or just your real hair?? i read your comments about your uploading it soon and im so excite because this hairstyle is SUPER? cute.

  7. Zoeebella

    @pixxiedust Yes, he is? wonderful with the kids:o)

  8. pixxiedust

    ahh amazing I love Great Danes!! I bet? your babes love it :)

  9. Zoeebella

    @pixxiedust Yes, it was a? Great Dane puppy:o)

  10. pixxiedust

    was it? a puppy?

  11. Zoeebella

    @vegasssbby Hopefully, I’ll get it uploaded? soon. Thank you so much:o)

  12. vegasssbby

    Oh, PLEASE do a? tutorial for this hairstyle! :)

  13. Zoeebella

    @GinaHotPants LOL? I saw that Sephora got the new palette instock yesterday! I’m going to have to snatch it up:o)

  14. LittleMisss15x

    @Zoeebella You’re welcome 😀 Aw! Don’t worry about it,? I’m sure you’ll get to it :)

  15. Zoeebella

    @LittleMisss15x Aww! Thank you! I just recorded a hair tutorial today, but I ran out of memory and it stopped recording:o( I’ll have to give it another try? soon:o)

  16. LittleMisss15x

    I keep coming back to this video to look? at your hair xD

  17. LittleMisss15x

    @Zoeebella Thank? you so much!! New computer is always fun lol. I’m a new subbie and I love your vids <3

  18. Zoeebella

    @LittleMisss15x I’m going to try to get to it this week. I just got a new computer so I’m trying to learn everything? all over again! LOL

  19. LittleMisss15x

    Please do a hair tutorial……….this is so cute . I wanna? know how to do it 😀

  20. Zoeebella

    @ibreathalmo Yay! I’m? sure it looked wonderful! Thank you so much for watching:o)

  21. Zoeebella

    @audrey30ful Thank? you so much for watching:o)

  22. ibreathalmo

    loooove ur hair, i was inspired by u and did my hair the same? to my friends wedding the other day but it didnt look the same , so please make a toturial
    thnx gorgeous

  23. audrey30ful

    love this too 😀 I think I? am doing the Gold colors too tomorrow- Christmas Eve!! So excited! Love your hair, nails and def the makeup too! Wonderful job doll. ? Bookmarking this so I will have it for tomorrow!! ?

  24. Zoeebella

    @bluetigressemoon Thank you so much:o) ?

  25. bluetigressemoon

    Yourt hair looks so faboo!!! Love the makeup! Awesome Video! I’m definately wearing Gold for Christmas!? *Hugs* Have a safe and Merry Christmas! =D

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