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Season 4, Episode 1 Aired: 7/9/2009

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25 Responses to “LA Ink S04E01 part1”

  1. PsychoViking33

    This is season? 3……

  2. whatever1399

    this? isnt season 4 >:(

  3. livzie1

    Aubrey needs to f*ck? off….

  4. atfatw

    @PlatypusGuitar do you work at hooter’s? is the only place a girl like you can? work if she has really big boobs and IS a really big boob hahahahahaha

  5. PlatypusGuitar

    @atfatw its a good thing you cant spell for shit. That way, less people will understand the BS youre talking about.?

  6. m3liee13

    honestly michael? who the fuck cares if she’s a go-getter. If she says “no” to the question “Do you have experience working in a tattoo shop?” the answer to? “did i get the job?” is “NO get out my shop bitch!!!”

  7. BlueScalyCool

    @0MrsBillKaulitz0? Yeah, definitely. That’s more like it… Haha. X))

  8. 0MrsBillKaulitz0

    @BlueScalyCool More? like “Erectutive” decision :)

  9. atfatw

    @MsRoche1 haha you tatty aren’t you!? at least yu aint a booger like kat von D

  10. MsRoche1

    @atfatw if you dont jump? off a cliff right now i’ll push you down myself :]

  11. TheGeorgianskater

    @atfatw? dick

  12. atfatw

    miserable,geeky, non entities, thats all the people watching TV are! especially skank von D maybe Kat can get every inch of her butt and her tops sides and bottoms of her feet tattooed!?

  13. 4ckedhero

    this is all staged i reckon?

  14. BlueScalyCool

    No disrespect to Kat’s blood? kin, but Michael had to have been making an ‘executive decision’ with his penis to have hired Aubrey.. Otherwise her interview would’ve been declined, IMO. “She’s very Hollywood”, he says. Yeah, it was the penis.

  15. MasterJediV

    Aubry is a moron yes, and I? am glad she’s off the show now, but they took out their anger on her when it wasn’t her fault that she was hired and Kat had no idea..

  16. atfatw

    what did kat von D do before she was a tatoo bitch probab;y sold crack cocaine.
    business has been on the slow side due to the economy and the upscaleing of formerly seedy katvonDville even her? goth/vampire greasy feel makeup isn’t doing to well finanacially

  17. shakemson


  18. atfatw

    Haw haw haw say, you funny but ya face beat ya to it!!?

  19. iroscoe

    @atfatw Yet you find her compelling despite yourself….admitt it you wouldn’t mind a go on it even if you would want to bleach your tallywhacker? afterwards .

  20. atfatw


    she is truly unique aways always? nauseating

  21. iroscoe

    @atfatw Methinks he? doth protest to much….

  22. atfatw

    that broad gets? skankier in every episode!

  23. LilAuzzieDrummerGirl

    arrrrgghhhhh thank youuuu!!!? my favorite season!!!

  24. KearBear101

    this isnt season 4, its? season 3

  25. prettyriot

    She is good at what she does, but she’s still a? relaity tv star. SO much of this is obviously scripted. The Real World for the “alternative” community..

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