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3 of 5 **UPDATE** [READ] People has been asking where i got the videos and i got them off a MCR fansite called the immortality project heres the link (more)

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25 Responses to “Frank iero on La ink part 3”

  1. obsessivehockeyfan87

    hahahaha omg frankie <3 XD?

  2. ToTheEnd48

    jesus he waited for five? fuckin hours

  3. PillowTrout

    *Kat’s dad walks? in*
    *Kat stops and goes to see him*
    Poor Frank!

  4. frerardxmcr

    Classic adorable? Frankie giggle 1:40. <3

  5. fieldsofspace

    Pixie dude, wtf is wrong with you? Don’t you fucking walk away when you have the chance to share a few minutes of your life with Frank? fucking Iero..fuck.

  6. AutumnAngelx3

    @xcarlax831 @MissJacqui2011 He’s 5’7. He stated so, on? Twitter. :)

  7. xcarlax831

    @MissJacqui2011 Every one? makes mistakes so its okay

  8. MissJacqui2011

    @xcarlax831 Oops, my mistake. I read someone’s reaction to the making of Helena and that’s what? they said.

  9. CourageKeeper

    “like being in a? candy store with my mouth sewn shut”
    Fucking love it <3

  10. xcarlax831

    @MissJacqui2011 No? Hes 5’3″

  11. MissJacqui2011

    @xcarlax831 He’s 4’9″…? :O

  12. xcarlax831


  13. saoirsekilljoy

    He waits for hours, helps stack shelves, and then accepts Kats apology completely? xD He’s amazing. I love him and the rest of MCR, and Kat too.-3

  14. itsayskeds13

    Hee hee, she? towers over him!!

  15. MyChemicalRomace23

    Awww wen Kat and Pixie leave Frank Poor Frankie :( OMG he is so amazing he is forgiving and caring and helpful and much more i think Frank iero is one of the ONLY rare type of guy that r like that (and it hard? to find guys like that ) FRANK IERO 4EVER!!!! <3xxxxxxxxx 😛

  16. SuperSidewalkChalk

    Franks hug was just like
    HI!? 😀

  17. LFCrobyn1996

    when her dad walks in…. franks? face is like omg im sorry kat, this is shit

  18. IleanaSarahi

    Daaaamn! frank is like so,….. understanding.,!? she made him wait there for hours, & he just sat, & helped, & excused her for being late. hes got to be the nicest person ever!?

  19. evacormac

    I love him so much <3 I think it's sweet? that he got a tattoo of his grandfather.

  20. darkshadow1042

    Oh god franks so amazon, *Mabey you should be scared of me, like look at this oh never mind* ? “make yourself at home(pixie leaves) Oh thanks XDD”

  21. RedRooStone

    Ee-yur-oh THAT HOW? HE SAYS HIS NAME. Now i know.

  22. LiveItUpJustBecause

    Frank is awesome,? he’s so forgiving and sweet.<3

  23. LiveItUpJustBecause

    @Layla12368 I agree, some people are just so? fucking rude.

  24. Layla12368

    Dude, you make him? wait for hours and when you accually get around to tattoeing him, YOU FUCKING GO TALK TO YOUR DAD?!! And then you accually get there and spend like five minutes talking about how much you screwed up. Frank fucking Iero or not, you always put the customer first.

  25. LovingMagicUnicorns

    The way he says Yeah…..So? fucking Cute!

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