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*SEASON 3 EPISODE 3* For the Sinner look Kat’s tattoos had to be entirely covered with the tattooconcealer. She comes home to LA to find Aubrey questioning her about the fact why she didn’t know Nikko was coming into the shop as a guest-artist. Enjoy!xoxo

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20 Responses to “LA Ink • Kat bares it all • pt. 3/3”

  1. TizzyBabys

    breast feeding your baby with the pumpkin looking at it? like ”Drink up bitch!”

  2. RicRagsLive

    @NightxAngell They obviously kept this girl around because it’s a TV show and not the real world at all. When you write a story you have conflict and when the conflict is resolved you’ve got your story completed. What they did was similar. They have one odd person who causes conflict and eventually she will get fired, but they will drag that out so that you keep? watching.

  3. snooperkilla


  4. cityinjunrocker89

    Aaahhh I? think the quick shot at 7:24 is literalli across from where I live!!! AWESOME!!!

  5. MrXtyne

    Whenever they have guest artists in, they’re always? better than the actual artists at High Voltage

  6. mexicanzombie69

    They r acting lol noting is real,this is”TV show” .. the more drama this show gets the more ratings they have ..but real why thefuck I will work? in a place I don’t like ..

  7. muffpin

    I was really enjoying the show up to this episode.Now? they are coming across as a cliquey group of bullies(acting like the ‘cool kids’ they probably hated at school)picking on the 1 or 2 who don’t fit in.They constantly say how they hate it when people judge tattooed people yet see no problem with instantly showing dislike,disrespect & ganging up on someone who isn’t part of the ‘family’!The way they treat Aubrey is horrible & I felt so sorry for Amy who was such a lovely girl. Shameful!

  8. PantheonLincoln

    Anyone notice the unedited “fuck” from Kat at 12:00? Surprised that got through? uncensored…

  9. amyyoung21

    @NightxAngell See I? agree with you. Aubrey was trying her best it just seems no one wanted to take the time to show her around. They just didn’t want her there

  10. NightxAngell

    @lauranacif Oh yeah. It’s such a shame how reality TV isn’t real anymore. It’s annoying in these Aubrey episodes because Kat should have been thinking about what was best for her shop and her staff instead of what the producers wanted her to do.? Whether Aubrey’s “air headed-ness” was real or not, it just ended up making everyone else who worked in the shop look like jerks.

  11. lauranacif

    @NightxAngell Exactly! she should’ve fired her! but this is a reality show, a lot of stuff is staged and Aubrey brought a lot of drama and ratings. This is? not “the real world”

  12. NightxAngell

    @lauranacif Which is EXACTLY why Kat should have immediately gone up to her and respectfully told her that it wasn’t working out and that she had to let her go, but instead she decided to keep her around just for the sake of allowing herself anf her staff? to act like bratty playground bullies instead of acting like mature, professional adults doing their jobs. Sorry, but when you’re out there in the real world, you have to handle things like an adult. Don’t like it? Tough shit.

  13. lauranacif

    @NightxAngell I’m sorry, but no. Yes, you try to get to know everyone in a respectful way, you don’t push the friendship, you act profesional, you don’t have to be friends with everyone. In adition to that, she does not have any respect for the tatoo art and business, she is working in a field that she knows nothing about, she is working with important people and yet she acts as if she is at a bar, trying to have fun all the time and not geting any work done?

  14. NightxAngell

    @lauranacif Aubrey’s attitude was perfectly fine for someone new to a job. All she was trying to do was get to know everyone, which is something you SHOULD do if you’re working that closely with everyone all day. Everyone else in that shop would just rather act like a high school clique? instead of adults. It’s embarrassing to say the least that I’m younger than all of them but have 100x the maturity that they do.

  15. lauranacif

    @NightxAngell No, when you start a new? job you need to have a humble attitude, unless you’re a manager or the boss of a team you need to keep quiet, watch and learn and recognize that others know more than you. If you’re not notified about something you keep quiet and talk about it if it happens again and gives you trouble. Aubrey is a toxic person, an atention whore that would make others life miserable if given the power, Those people ruin work enviroments

  16. NightxAngell

    Aubrey’s not perfect but everyone needs to lay off since they kept her working there. Adrienne acts like it’s a crime? for her to throw a compliment at Nikko. As if the rest of them don’t socialize and goof around all freaking day. And then Kat gets upset when she confronts her about him. No, she doesn’t have any say in Kat’s decisions regarding the shop, but she IS the shop manager and it would be common decency to inform her that someone new is coming to work there just like everyone else knew.

  17. jchristianevans

    Those are a lot of different colors of ink. That guy? must have skills.

  18. MCRmyKillBullet

    so weird seeing her without tattoos, also? they seriously need to fire Aubry… she is so irritating!

  19. CountessKitty18

    she? looks totally uncomfortable without her tattoos

  20. countroshculla

    The pumpkin lady,? Nice tats and tits!

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