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Hey everyone ! Here is my version of an everyday neutral look. I used my newly purchased Kat Von D Palette in Ludwig. Thank for watching and don’t forget to subscribe ! Intro and Ending Song : “Breakbeat Medium” provided by imovie08 as a sound effect to be used inany project. Also found on royaltyfreemusic.com Places You Can Find Me: 1) Blog, Hair Pics Here Also: foreveryours0727.blogspot.com 2) MY MARK COSMETICS WEBPAGE http 3) For any business inquiries ONLY please contact me at kthomas0727@gmail.com 4) Ask me anything from relationship advice to beauty questions: www.formspring.me 5)Facebook: www.facebook.com 6) ADD ME ON TWITTER CLICK HERE: twitter.com

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25 Responses to “Every Day Neutral Look Using Kat Von D Ludwig Palette”

  1. MarthaJoco

    @lx0osarahhL Im 14 and i would say go for it. I love winged? eyeliner on everyone its soo pretty <3

  2. FemmeChocolat1

    I love Kat von D because she’s a? brown-eyed makeup artist, and she knows how to make brown and hazel eyes stand out.

  3. loveofwonder

    I haven’t even seen the video yet and I loooove your eyebrows! Do you pluck/tweeze/wax? them yourself?

  4. GCRokzZzZz

    I love? this palette

  5. ciciraybeckah

    where sis you get that eyeliner? liquid pencil from?

  6. ktmo8

    i have? the same pallett and this is the EXACT everyday look i do.. once i saw this i had to subscribe

  7. Arrorah85

    super? cute i love it your so pretty

  8. MichelleSerenaXo

    so pretty! I have this palette too so I’m? gonna try this look

  9. ThePinkCustard

    great? job honey

  10. 17jaas

    you? sorta look like Kat! :) cute

  11. daisycheekz

    this is? gorgeous!

  12. ForeverYours0727

    @thenameisabie? mine never does !

  13. thenameisabie

    I really like the winged effect it had on? your eyes. I’m kinda scared to do that on mine since it might smudge

  14. lx0osarahhL

    @ForeverYours0727 oh please your pretty either way ahha? i wish my lashes showed up without makeup

  15. InTheEnd1

    OMG i never noticed…i LOVE de color of ur eyes!O_O :P? <3

  16. ForeverYours0727

    @lx0osarahhL yeah? ! i just feel like my eyes look 100x better b/c they look longer and bigger when i do that :) but you can do what u like ! ^_^

  17. lx0osarahhL

    i love this look although because im 15.. i wouldnt consider winged liner part of an everyday look so i put the liner just along my lashes? =]

  18. LaLaLiNNa1

    its a? really nice look :)

  19. ForeverYours0727

    @rawrmeansilov3u i? do :( its so sad because my eyelashes grow weird so its such a hastle to use it :(

  20. rawrmeansilov3u

    @ForeverYours0727? ok lol i just remember you talking about how much you loved it :)

  21. ForeverYours0727

    @rawrmeansilov3u i think its the best eyeliner? i have but the only problem is that my eyelashes naturally grow REALLY curled towards my eyelid– so i always get the hard candy eyeliner (because it is so watery/liquidy) all over my eyelashes causing them to stick together and look awful when i put mascara on them– its so hard for me to try and hold my lashes down so i dont get it on them lol

  22. rawrmeansilov3u

    hey i? was just wondering why u didnt use your hard candy eyeliner?

  23. ForeverYours0727

    @DianaLovesPink nope ! and? its only 3 dollars

  24. DianaLovesPink

    This is a? really pretty look! But i just have a question on your elf eye lash curler.I have that curler but it cut off some of my lashes. so now i have to wait for them to grow back. Has yours ever cut off your eyelashes?

  25. vivalavida016

    i? love your videos!!!

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