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Best Halloween ever!

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24 Responses to “Karoline & Kat Von D Halloween”

  1. brittanydeltoro

    God, they sound so? much alike. haha

  2. bereal0rbegone

    Wow. Karoline, sounds like Kat.. LOL ?

  3. rmacman1

    @gavincasablanca agreed,,,hotter than kat?

  4. nekeke2010

    Man I so would? have come to your house!!!

  5. LBG1309

    This is a cute video lol. I never noticed how alike their voices sound. I love? it!!

  6. Bannersnake

    hey kat did? anyone even come

  7. Bannersnake

    @Ky3668 omg michal myers has a? you tube account

  8. Ky3668

    hhahahahahhaha adore Kat,and Halloween because my birthday is? then…..=)

  9. iivy21

    their? voice is exactly the same

  10. gavincasablanca

    Karoline? is Hot!

  11. RachelxRenee

    dead animals? freak me out

  12. KFPproductions

    hey Kat i desided im dressing up as you for my halloween/sweet 16 b-day party and i was wondering what i could could do soo tht? people really notice who im portraying!

  13. michel13350

    i complete observating everything..last time play again..be glad? that i not live in LA..other a slept in front of your door..look again..ooh i push my head true my screen i think i nver head that.. i did 10year long defense and have never so much respect you are not 1 second boring. michel

  14. michel13350

    yeah private? stuff nice to see first time i can dream your shop..

  15. saraswati81

    haha.. i’d come trick or treating by your house,? gladly!? 😀

  16. sthprkbutterslovers

    WHAT!!?? i wanna go to? kat von d’s house on halloween!!

  17. sisigwithrice

    any new videos kat? :)
    I miss your? show, its hard to get it out here in Manila

  18. x0xDani3

    Lol i so0w wanna celebrate halloween wit them 😀 kat n karoline your? awsome ^^

  19. sarahkbella2

    she? sounds like a man

  20. Bridgejones08

    So Funny love it!?

  21. camperluver

    I know RIGHT!? I live in the UK so no chance of that happening..

  22. camperluver

    This video is so random! It cracks me up every time Karoline says “totally is” i have no? idea why.. Were those skulls on the bench next to the sweets?

  23. allstarglittergirl

    hehe my friend bought a bunch of candy to give out to people for trick or treat no one came. so she tried to scare little kids by hiding in a coffin i think they? laughed at her

  24. CallieTorres

    we only had seven trick or treaters, it’s all? right… hahaha

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