Bikers for Christ-Pastor Z gets a tat by Kim Saigh, LA Ink Posted by admin on March 18th, 2012 | Comments (22) |

Bikers for Christ-Pastor Z gets a tat by Kim Saigh, LA Ink

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22 Responses to “Bikers for Christ-Pastor Z gets a tat by Kim Saigh, LA Ink”

  1. Angell231

    Does anyone have any pictures of kim saigh’s tattoo on the back? of her neck?

  2. maximusmarc1

    Pastor Z, keep up the good work for the? Lord!

  3. cristinnes

    lets do a chapter? in romania

  4. xsboost25psi

    I just met him yesterday at a Bikers for Christ rally. Dude’s awesome. One of the nicest guys anybody will? ever meet.

  5. TheCultDoctor

    OUTSTANDING Pastor Z! Go, bro, go!?

  6. bigbear909

    This is awesome. I am starting my own christian biker club.? so this really touched me.

  7. ArabXian

    Right on, bro!!! Preach? it! What a great opportunity to witness to the young lady.

  8. MercyCal

    Peace to all souls… friends please see the info coming out at or search mercycal here? at youtube… it is real and it is happening in today… Gods speed… keep the faith…. peace to all souls.

  9. 1948TuckerMobile

    When I first became a member of Bikers for Christ, I myself had questions about this tattooing. But, after talking to a friend who intro’d me to BFC, I got to thinking that most of these guys come from what is called the 1 percenter clubs, such as, The Outlaws, Hell’s Angels, Banditoes, Biker clubs? like these. A lot of their tattoos could be covering up old ones that are inappropriate for their new lifestyle. Even so, it is not for us to judge, Only God the Father above has that right.

  10. inpainwetrust

    I have not because I ask not. I pray that? this 52yr. old. lover of Christ could be blessed with a scooter and ride for the glory of God. I will belive I will have what I ask for. In Jesus name Amen.

  11. wimvg7

    @beresmeer It Was good indeed my friend grtz model? 101

  12. beresmeer

    pastor z was here staying at my parents house in belgium? , really cool guy to hang out with , really gained alot of respect for what kind of work he has done and still do , once im ready to win over my fear of flying im allowed to stay at his place in california , cya next year pastor z and ricky rocket :) kind regards and god bless u both and ur church!! ment alot to me these past couple of days !

  13. lukas12vers24

    The one bible verse that talks of not putting marks is Leviticus 19:28, but the pastor? here forgets to mention that the verse says not to do it for the dead! But a verse is off course something that doesn’t stand alone. Anyone going to the barber here? Here verse 27 and 28:
    27 Ye shall not round the corners of your heads, neither shalt thou mar the corners of thy beard.
    28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am Jehovah.

  14. BeachBunnyMC21

    here representing rushing winds of greer? south carolina (:

  15. katyornok63

    Nice ideals he has. But, people need to live their own journeys and learn from their own mistakes. Keep up the spirit and positivity!!?

  16. TheONEeffect

    Blessings on you, Pastor? Z and blessings on the people of Rushing Winds Church in Coos Bay, OR…. especially Dennis and Renee Staggs.

  17. coobear1

    God bless pastor? Z from the north woods chapter it looks great

  18. hdross711

    Cool tat by an awesome artist. It was my pleasure to meet Pastor Z last? weekend at Bikerfest 2010, Zanesville, OH

  19. indianbiker777

    Bikers For Christ Southwest Texas Chapter…. AMEN!!!!?

  20. Boots1956

    well done brother?

  21. FullArmorRadiocom

    Very cool! I wonder is he should have the patch tat overlap the older tats, though?? But it does look awseme! But now Pastor Z? need to get his other tats touched up! LOL Once you TAT thers no going BACK! He he!!

  22. LadyDpraying

    Awesome tattoo w/ Bible, sword and? flames…
    Wonderful ministry to see the unity of Bikers for Christ!
    Pastor Z, keep up the good work for the Lord!

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