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Monty appears on TLC’s “LA Ink” episode 21 “Kat Gets a Scare”, originally aired February 28, 2008.

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25 Responses to “MONTY on “LA Ink” with Kat Von D”

  1. LadyVioleta1

    Just to clarify: Kat VD was born in Mexico and moved to LA when she was a baby. His Parents are from Argentina. Mother of the city of Rosario (my city) and father of the city of Buenos Aires. She speaks Spanish with an Argentine accent and his Latino heritage is from? Argentina. But insurance also feels affection for Mexico.

  2. xXGabrielxX666

    Argentina? is trash,eeuu is shit 😀

  3. eri9390

    @SuperMsawesome? no la conoses…..ok

  4. TheCalichic9

    My father’s Argentinian? and my mother’s American so yeah it’s really cool I wouldn’t trade it for anything:)

  5. lokeradekadente81

    Wth she speaks Spanish, she’s Argentinian, and she was born in Nuevo Leon??

  6. SuperMsawesome


  7. shylashes

    Que guapo!?

  8. murfy6661

    he is the? sweetest thing 😀

  9. ZOMBlondster

    ese chico monty esta mega guapo! enserio kat is so lucky that? he has a crush on her, el es muy lindo! ((;

  10. kat1639

    @LifeOnHerTongue? vomit

  11. luisufc1

    @Jakathera right buddy. she’s from montemorelos, nuevo leon. me too. but i´ve live all? my life in L.A. like her.. LATINOS!

  12. luisufc1

    @HappyHitokiri ? idont think so…. kat is mexican pride. she’s mexican.

  13. HappyHitokiri

    @sexitaliana629 both? are argentinians

  14. azulalivia

    Callate! jaja, Kat the coolest girl i seen? on tv.

  15. laleli88

    @Jakathera I think she was born in Mexico but her parents both are argentinian. His father is of German descent (that’s why she is called von D… ’cause her lastname is Drachenberg).
    Maybe? that’s why she speaks spanish in an argentinian accent and consider herself as argentinian but im sure she considers herself mexican and american too.

  16. laleli88

    @gentamasu I think she said CHAU cause in argentina we often? say CHAU instead “adios”. (and as you should know… in argentina a lot of people have italian roots so our accent is similar in some phrases)

    ps: CHAU and CIAO have a very very similar pronunciation. (but our chau means only bye)

  17. TheTumboos

    For a split second I thought he said a Peanut Girl.? ;p

  18. calistyle95

    she said “shut up”? with the argentinian accent…..I LOVE IT!!

  19. Cheloclues

    lol too? dam cute!!!!hahaha

  20. sexitaliana629

    @Jakathera? she was..her parents were missionaries. her mother is from argentina and her father is german

  21. Rotten666Throat

    Monty tenes un orto de haber sido tatuado por kat!? haha

  22. priscijojo

    no because ofd el tatu, x conocerte a? bo

  23. Jakathera

    awww he didn’t have to switch to English… they speak it so well that i’d be more than happy to read the subtitles! I? thought Kat was born in mexico?

  24. melliines

    me encanto el tatoo !
    el video genial , impresionante como tatua esa mujer !!?

  25. igotaquestionmark

    His look doesn’t match his sound. I? expected something really different when I heard his song.

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