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Here’s the portrait of Kat Von D, kindly requested by squishsquishboom. I found this nice photo, maybe the pose is a bit common, but I like it all the same! :) Enjoy the video! Music: Circus Underground – Save You www.jamendo.com

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21 Responses to “Portrait of Kat Von D (Sketch 59)”

  1. Kennskogli

    Nice,? Look at my drawings:) Subscribe

  2. TheJdd12

    could you do a drawing of chris cole the skateboarder i thought he? would be fun for you to try

  3. stefscrazy1

    shit that is sooo pretty omg? my gd

  4. thankgodforbeef21

    what? kind of pencil do you use?

  5. Tombearspaw

    far too beautiful :D?

  6. PokDiamond

    Alucinante! ?

  7. neechee22

    well thats just? amazing :O !!!

  8. thedrawinghands

    Thank you! 😀

  9. Andrealovesvans

    OMG!! I admire you man!!! Your amazing artist!?

  10. thedrawinghands

    well… I rub out construction lines that I don’t need anymore, wrong lines or I just add highlights? where needed :)

  11. Frechts

    I am also an artist so I wanted you to ask what do you to erase? the pencileraser look so good? *O*

  12. Ministuntriding

    if u know the secret its? very easy guys, im telling u its very easy, do not practice the eggs type, or scale,

  13. 13DIEALONE

    This Turned Out ……? Very Nice !

  14. adgerggg

    beautiful!? :)

  15. blackNgreyArt

    @thedrawinghands Thank you 😀 I will keep? on drawing 😉

  16. thedrawinghands

    You’re welcome :)
    About proportions, it’s just a matter of gettin used to it, just keep on drawing, actually you’re very good,? yet!!!

  17. blackNgreyArt

    @thedrawinghands Wow. Thats really fast! I can´t? understand how you manage to get the proportions 100 % right. Thank you so much for answering my question. ;D

  18. thedrawinghands

    This one around 1:45 maybe just a bit? more.

  19. blackNgreyArt

    How long did? it take for you to draw her?

  20. thedrawinghands

    thanks :D?

  21. squishsquishboom

    thankyou! i totally forgot i asked for? this aha!
    this is so so good.you have some serious talent.

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