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Kat Von D’s LA Ink season 1, episode 2, part 4 – No Where To Work

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25 Responses to “LA Ink 102 pt4”

  1. chanelbags04

    my dream is to make a tatto on my beck like the one kiki de montparnasse violin paitting.but im 15 and i live in portugal and i really dont know good like really good tatoo ? artists(some of my friends have tatoos but they are litle thinks like words or names..not big thinks)all so im afraid of getting HIV or somethink like that…

  2. HopeDiamondSS16

    @lensipmax it’s actually a yonic symbol (symbolic of the female genitalia)?


    wait, what? the fuck?? did she just call virgin mary jesus`s lover?? virgin mary is his mom..

  4. bezziebloomie

    the lady’s circle tattoo looks fantastic ?

  5. NotSoAmericanIdiot

    @SixthTreeAtNoon? Hahaha, omg they do xD

  6. NotSoAmericanIdiot

    “You’re comin’ with me!” Haha. Pixie’s so cute :3?

  7. Festivephone1979

    Tramp stamps?

  8. laughing92


  9. 2kellenlee3

    haha thats funny when pixies was buying jesus and mary haha she referred to them as lovers when there mother and son haha sily goose?

  10. fifi11011

    i love the tattoos la ink produces every single? one

  11. arlinpojoy

    Where did Pixie buy? the jesus statue?

  12. abousexy

    i like it wen people get tattoos that symbolis? something

  13. eggman170

    no commercials dats whats up haha? thanks 4 upload!!!

  14. SixthTreeAtNoon

    I’m sorry, but at some where at 7:32 , the music! Its so cliche! I always? here it in shows.

  15. MadMadamMarlin


  16. MsVenus533

    LoL…? Right???

  17. everkins

    Mary is? Jesus’s mom.
    Incest in Pixie’s mine much?


  18. philwb

    OMG 7:56,at first when i saw the drawing the girl bought in i was like ;;? theres no way shes putting that ugly shit on her,but that tattoo is AMAZING!

  19. ronhudsonjr

    haha shes clueless obviously. maybe she thought it was mary magdelene and she watched da vinci code and thought? it was real?

  20. mzzgiggleyfly1

    omg who ever was that who sed tht jesus an mary are lovers she needa go to church n lern ha lesson lol weridos thez? dayz!!

  21. mzzgiggleyfly1

    omg tht baby tattoo wiff the babby hand an the flowers cuming dowm omg its so hot i wud get? sumthing lik that!!

  22. leebee935

    uhhh….doesn’t pixie mean “mother” not “lover”???? Lesson people….Mary is Jesus’ mother…not his lover!! creepy? thought! :/

  23. Saroarr

    thats? a gorgeous tattoo

  24. lensipmax

    7:56 that? tattoo is amazing

  25. gentamasu

    great tattoo? “complimenti”

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