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*SEASON 3 EPISODE 2* Kat decides to hire Amy as tattoo-artist in her shop. Meanwhile Aubre contaminates the stations while she was trying to clean. Enjoy! xoxo

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25 Responses to “LA Ink • Stranger in my shop • pt. 1/3”

  1. XbartjX

    i love the last 0.5sec of this vid, Batman ftw !?

  2. BenTattoos

    Yeah, you can just wipe down the bottle with wavicide, or cavicide. BUT if you touch the cap of the bottle with contaminated gloves/hands you gotta throw out the bottle?

  3. nash613

    can someone explain to me how the ink bottle is contaminated? can’t they just? clean it?

  4. vicgmag

    how real is it when they call Amy, theres already a camera crew waiting there. ‘I wonder who is that on the phone?’ Atleast try to make it real?

  5. Saharahenna

    If Aubrey thinks that this? job isnt easy then she shell try my one!

  6. OpTicxMoDz

    I dont think a thank you is enough to show how much? i and other people appreciate you uploading these videos :)

  7. XALostHeartX

    Kat? is awesome.

  8. MrXtyne

    @MCRforeverr cause this is a reality tv show. In any? other tattoo shop, she woulda been gone. In fact, she wouldn’t have even been hired in the first place

  9. MrXtyne

    This season it really started to be more about shop drama than tattoos. It’s a shame cause there really are some talented artists working at High Voltage and if you look at reviews? from other tattooers and customers even, the shop gets terrible ratings and reviews.

  10. FalloutConspiracy

    Clean hand? dirty hand.

  11. DonkeyParadise

    8:49 Right is dirty
    12:09 I wish that my right hand was dirty
    Are you serious? Really. Both of them. The other girl is so picky about? which hand is which and then when Aubrey gets it wrong and she doesn’t even notice? Shut up then, jesus.

  12. MCRforeverr

    I don’t know why Kat Didn’t fire Aubrey on? her first day.

  13. Kandikid00

    Aubrey is so annoying. She acts like she’s still in middle school. Well, I wouldn’t doubt that she? might be seeing how stupid she is.

  14. progek82

    @norseczar27 If you think women who look like rats when they smile are HOT then OK lol?

  15. 3inxxy

    I <3 Amy?

  16. xIRiioTx

    Aubrey – the definition of? a “dumb blonde”

  17. butterflygirrl17

    @sillysparkii me too?

  18. 011natalie110

    I? can’t get over how amazing Corey’s tattoo’s are

  19. norseczar27

    @LeaLikesIcecream yeah but she’s HOT? so thats ok. LOL

  20. cheamannn

    Lol wtf is happening? at the end…

  21. ladyheather82

    Fuck me? Aubry is really fucking DUMB!

  22. HalloMoose

    aubrey? is a piece of shit

  23. dfsdf565464

    Aubrey suxs, just get rid of? her already!!

  24. LeaLikesIcecream

    Aubrey’s just pain in the ass 😀

  25. countroshculla

    Amy? has got a huge rack. Wonder what it looks like naked

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