MAC Tutorial: Kat Von D (part 2) Posted by admin on March 10th, 2012 | Comments (25) | Part 1:

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25 Responses to “MAC Tutorial: Kat Von D (part 2)”

  1. kryundalk

    OMG you look like Casey Anthony!!?

  2. nikona18

    Yes,? do Rosie!!!

  3. jweso94gt

    U need to do a rosie? huntington whitely her makeup is always that sexy netural with a bit of smoke. Please please

  4. MsMACfreak


    Maybe best to save ur money and buy the necessities like lipstick,foundation,eyeliner, and some concealer

    seems? that more and more women don’t have $ for makeup since its so pricey :(
    1 option is to check out the contest MAC is running this month…tonslotsa bunch!
    i’ll save ya some time, here’s tha contest page.

    oh n tha coupon for the last part is myspace35

  5. strawberrynyan

    Really great Kat Von D tutorial 😮
    It’s amazing and looks great.

    It’s a lot of things to add to ones face, plus, it takes quite som time, so it’s not something I would wear like.. Every day.
    But for parties and such – amazing and unique look =3
    Thank you so much. I’m gonna do this for my prom ;)?

  6. katluver953

    Not that I disagree, but if you’re gunna get on someone about their reading skills you should at least have the decency? to learn how to spell “says” and “genius” correctly. Just saying.

  7. XsunnyXXcoolyX

    I prefer it? without the red lips! But the eyes are brilliant”

  8. djmousetek

    can’t you read? it sais PART 2 :)) look for the? part 1, genious

  9. maryaparwani1

    i love it beautiful but u didnt? show the steps from the beginning

  10. smooshypeas

    wow….awesome job. i want to be kat von d for halloween and hoping i can replicate what? you did.

  11. electriceel1000

    oh my god it looks exactly like? kat von d’s!!!! im gonna get the shadows and do this!

  12. missmeliss1124

    Have you ever gone all blonde? I think you would? look amazing (you already do of course)!

  13. EGvotreamie

    you NAILED it.?

  14. Kia7517

    I have to admit, that your? makeup job looks (at least to me) better than Kat Von D’s. Great Tutorial!

  15. Daniloveselmo

    Thank you so much for? this tutorial, mine didnt look as good as yours but it was still pretty cool :))))))))

  16. bloodonthesidewalk

    it looks just like hers!? great work!

  17. mutchie12

    well done ur very good @ capturing kats look!?

  18. Planetsp00n

    wow thanks for that! looks really? good… and suits u very well :)

  19. damnchan36

    Your makeup looks way better than Kats. I love? it!

  20. stylinn1

    where can I? get a ring like you are waring ?

  21. cupcake1197

    one word…WOW!
    Well done marleena this look is AMAZING! I think you really suit it and you done the same look as? the one in the picture but you added your style to it. Great job!
    (p.s: love the stars!)

  22. KittyNoir504

    I am an aspiring artist and will be attending MUD next month. Not only are you incredibly beautiful without any make-up what? so ever as well as an amazing talent, you have such a beautiful and sincere energy about you. Your videos are so inspirational. I hope to be even half as talented and passionate about my work as you are! Thank you!

  23. candybabhy

    love you!?

  24. tarynmx

    oh Marlena You are so Talented and? such a sweet woman. I am so glad I had the pleasure to work with you.

  25. nayaasplashii

    beautiful? work.

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