Kat Von D and Jeffree Star signing Posted by admin on March 10th, 2012 | Comments (23) |

I met them! they were right in front of us? so i reach out to Jeffree and touched his hand and Kat’s hand.my sister hugged Jeffree with is like the big thing in this video! :} XDI LOVE YOU GUYS!XD

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23 Responses to “Kat Von D and Jeffree Star signing”

  1. snowbdog

    I misread this for “Kat Von? D and Jeffree Star singing ” -_-

  2. iDoUnderstandmiss

    Lol, I’m gonna cry harder if I ever meet him. I’d probably like hyperventilate if he even walked in the same area as me. That? girls fucking lucky.

  3. TheCigarettesmile

    @hendsem someones insecure #haterade,?

  4. DamienHurts

    I feel the need to fucking bitchslap that girl that cried.
    You just hugged someone famous. Smile and be? happy. But crying? Bitch please… Get over it.


    And what… cunt.


    @puffelengel don’t be fucking rude?

  6. CourtzH20

    @hendsem nothing better to do with you’re time than insult people,? sad biach

  7. hendsem

    your sister’s fat. she better get back to the fridge and get herself some icecream before she lose any of those weight. because she is pretty that way and thats what natural beauty is all about. haha. fat.?

  8. 19Perfectionx3

    Where was? that?
    I mean, that place looks SO familiar. ;l

  9. x3JessiTutorialsx3

    where was that??

  10. Nanoxia8

    So? lucky you all are

  11. Rayers

    LOL! that was? cute

  12. anchaleeking

    @ezrarougemonreaux it just happens & im? pretty sure you would cry too

  13. ezrarougemonreaux

    really? oh my god thats so dumb he’s awesome but you dont need to cry thats really dumb

  14. kornbizkit16

    i didnt know jeffrey was that popular to the? point of making people cry lol

  15. KingdomHeartsFan600

    im crying while watching this i wanna be there those people must of had a bowl of lucky fucking? charms today to meet jeffree star

  16. jaroslawiec1

    i mean…america is sick?

  17. Singularityxx

    I would of peed myself and cryed.?

  18. Janel973

    hell yeah(:?

  19. AoiNamiki

    Oh? my god, I’d kill so many people to be that girl. AH! Jeffree <3

  20. rahlrahldarkenrahl

    @puffelengel hey that’s rude! we’re all Jeffree? fans here, no need to hate!

  21. julietgrey21


  22. hurricanefierce

    jeffreeeee? (L)

  23. BreachPandemonium

    I bet that shocked her hardcore? o.o

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