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Kat Von D’s LA Ink season 1, episode 4 – Boobs Rule

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17 Responses to “LA Ink 104 pt1”

  1. Allisondeadmau5

    If you like this video then? follow me on twitter (@AllisonJiampa)

  2. punkrockerbabe911

    ..Did they really have the nipples blurred on the angel.. like really???

  3. elemantality95

    Why did they censor the boobs when its on paper, but they dont when its on his skin??

  4. blackirish13

    @StolzerSoldat86 : i’m a guy too? and i totally agree!

  5. 123fourgay

    I love how pixie says “shut the front door!” it’s? total rad.

    Bye peeps

  6. joeybeeman

    so jesse metclaf has a broken heart he frigging? did it to himself by screwing round behind his girlfriends back and when she dumpedhim he whinged like a girl!!

  7. Adideva3

    when? season 5 is premiering ???

  8. StolzerSoldat86

    i’m a guy…and ….youre wright !!!!! small? boobs rock

  9. yianniss83

    FREAK? SHOW………………

  10. MissSteffiiGee66

    yay its working now? :)

  11. MissSteffiiGee66

    it stuffed? up grr..

  12. WeAreBullets

    Mike V!! :DD my hero! aww, he brought his? wife n daughter.

    lol, Kat’s boobs were perfectly fine before, she shouldnt have altered herself. seriously, i’d love to have even a fraction of her looks, lol. small boobs rock, excuse me. lol ;p

  13. jbguitarplayer15

    hannah is not only a very beautiful person
    she does i? think sum of the best tattoos around

  14. MackLordOfDarkness77

    why do they censor the angels breasts at first then? stop at the end?

  15. QueenQH

    OMG finally! I’ve been waiting for this vid to come on youtube forever! Can’t find it? anywhere XD

  16. EllieF314

    mate that kid? is pastey @ 9.44

  17. Saroarr

    thank youu! =D?

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