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Don gets a portrait tattoo of his wife Dorothy, by Kat Von D.

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25 Responses to “LA Ink Don & Dorothy”

  1. ThePartsolius

    240p? we meet again…

  2. myantipain93

    :( damn that’s? sooooo amazing.

  3. Marinova9

    this couple reminds me of danny and? annie

  4. ThePrincessMoonbeam

    I used to? work in that field.

  5. ThePrincessMoonbeam

    @GRACIEBJJ1 You are very correct in this. Most diseases are relatively eazy and quick to heal and sometimes even without spending a lot of time on it. The reason these cures are not giving out is because the establisment does not? believe that people will take up there responsibillity and stop reproducing at such a high rate as we do now. For burnvictim and other people with skin problems, it is possible now-a-days to grow skin from cells that are taken from your body.

  6. mikeyray68

    when he said “hi sweethear” i? shed a tear

  7. MsSilentlyScreaming

    god this made? me cry.

  8. Rachirure

    Aww, such a bittersweet story. This one is probably one of the more touching tattoos that Kat Von D has? done for someone. :) Caught myself building up tears in the eye.

  9. drockmuthafucka

    what? a great tattoo.

  10. 012cupcakes

    aww this is so? sweet, i had a cry

  11. SophieMaree

    RAD!? This is so awesome <3

  12. denntheidiot

    and people say tattoo’s when your old is stupid ? i hate when people? say that.

  13. MsSilentlyScreaming

    Geez, Im crying this is so? sweet.

  14. mrsgalejnr

    Gawd I’m sobbing? lol. Very sad

  15. ouchjeez

    so sad?

  16. sabyog

    teary eyed… ='(?

  17. PurpleNightButterfly

    Kat is so amazing with portraits…no wonder Amy james was intimidating by Kats? talent..he couldnt do a portrat like she does..

  18. ouchjeez

    aww? man that choked me up

  19. ouchjeez

    that? is so sweet

  20. ItszMaria

    How romantic? =(

  21. tiffbott41

    OMG! this is? so cute and made me cry. he is a sweet man! i hope to find some one that loving!

  22. SophieNeedles

    i love this guy and wish him all the best the bit were he? said hi sweetheart really brought a tear to my eye

  23. lealandlover

    such a? cute but sad love story
    and a beautiful tattoox

  24. neverknowsbest17

    I hope? someone will love me that much one day

  25. Motleyroses666

    awe thats? such a cute story

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