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*SEASON 1 EPISODE 23* (info about the episode coming soon!)

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16 Responses to “LA INK • The worst day ever • pt. 1/3”

  1. junoneedsbleeker

    @MrXtyne culture changes all the time.? i think ya’ll shuld chill

  2. bunnybarbz7

    i like kim’s tattoos. i like how they look on her she’s? so feminine yet has like half a sleeve and still manages to look hot <3

  3. vividure

    Por que no le ponen subtitulos a estos videos yo no hablo ingles seria? bueno para los latinos.Gracias

  4. surfthecentre

    Pixie? Is a SLAG

  5. oOMaWOo

    @Medusa0999 That is SO true that people? are going to hate u…
    I agree with u, but people hate me when I speak the truth XD

  6. Medusa0999

    Fat girls shouldn’t do burlesque. It’s great that they have confidence but no one? really wants to see that unless it’s a fetish club. But that’s just my opinion.

  7. MrXtyne

    @legacy917 dude, don’t be a dick. If you? don’t like it then do something about it. If you don’t like how their changing the culture you’ve held dear for the last 10 years then commenting dick head things on youtube videos isn’t gonna help.

  8. aleenajean

    @TheZombiefrog Seriously, sounds to me like “legacy917″ is jealous of their fame. Obviously they wouldn’t be on this show or have viewers if? they didn’t have a talent for tattooing. Hatred comes from jealousy.

  9. XxMadiMxX

    poor Pixie? :(

  10. TheZombiefrog

    @legacy917 I was just saying it was cute. I didn’t say she was a wonderful tattoo artist or anything. And to me, it sounds like you’re being a tad vain. It’s obvious she has talent, you can’t say she doesn’t, she’s not perfect, but no artist is, she loves what she does and worked to get there, how is that any different from you?? And what exactly did she do to warrant getting her bloody knuckles broken?

  11. legacy917

    @TheZombiefrog you know what i think? i think that shows like this have destroyed the tattoo culture…? idiots like the above comment from yours are so star struck by these hacks it’s why am i watching? curiosity i guess.. to verify what i thought all along… i have been tattooing for 10 yrs now and people like this, with the exception of corey miller ( who is well respected in the tattoo community) would have gotten their knuckles broken and tattoo equipment taken from them..

  12. jchristianevans

    @TheZombiefrog Yeah she? is just being playful

  13. megaretardedrabbit

    Duddeeee, Blake is so hot? <3

  14. TheZombiefrog

    I think it’s cute how when Kim greets people she says their whole name xD?

  15. leelulove24

    i stop watching the show once pixie left?

  16. PeaceAndBailey

    love you for adding all these much love :D? xx

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