Hauuul: Kat Von D, Sephora, Hot Topic, Haircut, Piercings, and more! Posted by admin on March 4th, 2012 | Comments (21) |

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21 Responses to “Hauuul: Kat Von D, Sephora, Hot Topic, Haircut, Piercings, and more!”

  1. BAMitsRuzi

    @PumpkinXxXQueen added u as well.
    ya i dont like it either ?

  2. PumpkinXxXQueen


  3. PumpkinXxXQueen

    OHHHH! That sounds amazing!!!!
    PS I? added you on my channels to watch now that i figured out how to do it on this ugly new page layout they are forcing us to use lol .

  4. BAMitsRuzi

    nice haul! u should? see the new lipstick kat von d is coming out with its not out yet but its red with a massive amount of glitter!

  5. PumpkinXxXQueen

    Thanks!!!! haha? right ?!
    He listens when I talk! LOL!

  6. nikkio221

    awesome necklace and tokidoki make up bag ur man knows whats? up lol

  7. Luisitoxvieja9609

    will be waitinq for that look thanks :)

  8. PumpkinXxXQueen

    Thank you!!!! I never thought to do my hair like 3 diff shades of blue, but its my fav I think so far haha.
    Seriously! I LOVE how much lighter it feels! Mine is SO thick and heavy lol.
    Omg hahaha I couldnt throw the perfume box away either! What? a shame because the bottle is super pretty! It makes you feel like youre throwing art away! lol.
    I got the paul mitchell for dogs for $4.99!! The entire kit at a local hair cuttery!

  9. SullenxRiot182

    I like your hair! Every time I let my hair grow out and then cut it shorter I’m like “it’s so much lighter!!” I keep all the boxes that the KVD palettes come in because they’re so? pretty I can’t throw them out lmao!! Oh my gosh I want the Paul Mitchell for dogs stuff!!

  10. PumpkinXxXQueen

    YES! That is DEF possible!? lol
    The shirt is total eye candy. I just walk by and stare at it in my closet…lol

  11. Luisitoxvieja9609

    im not either lol…
    either way if u dont do it well atleast a makeup look with the shirt?
    lol ?

  12. PumpkinXxXQueen

    @MightyMutt88 ;)?

  13. PumpkinXxXQueen

    hahah I doubt it.
    My wardrobe is pretty lame. LOL! I basically wear jeans and t-shirts. hahaha. I litterally own 2 pairs of jeans I switch in and out? of. and hoodies. Im not very fashion forward. lol

  14. Luisitoxvieja9609

    @PumpkinXxXQueen lol ill try this weekend.
    and hope u? do an ootd video with that shirt.

  15. PumpkinXxXQueen

    hahah right ?!
    I effing LOVE it.
    My? guy picked it out, he was like “Buy this or I’m buying it for you!”
    They still have them at hot topic! Go get one!!!!! lol

  16. Luisitoxvieja9609

    qosh that suqar skull? shirt is sickk
    i want one lol
    qreat qoodies!

  17. MightyMutt88

    You’re pretty. :) ?

  18. PumpkinXxXQueen

    haha thanks !
    Its for? sure easier to wash and flat iron!
    Review will be coming soon!!! Fear Not!

  19. PumpkinXxXQueen

    lol yeeeah well. It’s true.
    I? loves me some old english.

  20. chicanamama63

    LOL @ the old? english bit “shit-cha” hahahhaahhahahahhahaha

  21. chicanamama63

    I KEEP my hair short!
    I love your hair. It seems to bring your face up quite a bit.
    Leave the long hair at the door. The short seems to fit your spunky personality!
    Much love from west coast!
    You MUST do a? review on the mi vida loca pallete!

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