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Kat Von D’s LA Ink season 1, episode1, part 4 – Welcome Home Kat

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25 Responses to “LA Ink 101 pt4”

  1. dragooned123

    @riddellydiddelly Pervert ( i? know what i would do ;D)

  2. krebsfreakshow

    what up? with kat and that fake humble attitude “i´m gonna learn so much with her” !?! She was always bitchin about doing colored and different stuff with the Miami guys, and got her ass fired outta arrogance. Darren is an amazing grafitti artist worked all around every color possible, not to mention Garver and dragon stuff…she just dindt learn shit back there

  3. jccp18

    I? just wanna say that I miss the U.S. I came to live in Mexico cause of my wife and I have tattoos,well here where I live in Mexico they look at tattoos like a TABU,if you have a tatt they think your a CRIMINAL,but I still flash my tattoos.I wish it was like the U.S. where you can FLASH your tatts and its OK.I miss it over their the land of YOU CAN DO WHAT EVER THE FUCK YOU WANT!!!

  4. bettiep

    @KateKnows I agree. Kat? seemed more humble and yeah the show was so much better in the beginning.

  5. KateKnows

    I really like this season with Kim and Hannah.
    New Season is? rubbish without them.
    Plus Kat is so much more humble in these episodes than by the time season 3 comes along.

  6. BmtHExctasY

    @anthmar35 tattooing is art. I have a fucking beautiful sleeve done by one of the best artists I know.? You sir are not a true artist to beelittle other art. Good look with your crayons.

  7. r0xothgr8

    i so love kat? van d

  8. gema190

    i really? love hannah!!!!

  9. tori49476

    aw this totally makes me home sick!? Chicago and tattoos… Awesome!


    Hannah =? ÜBERMILF

  11. bronxrip25

    she,s? cute 2


    I know how she feels, I feel like that now…but I don’t want a? child to bring me down to earth.

  13. plutoplatters

    yeahhh…. your name would indicate? that

  14. bettiep

    Thank you? for posting! I love Kat!

  15. 5596857

    lol sorry about that ha
    am not a bad person or something? like that

  16. emmaensign6

    i’m not a dude! and…no i? dont give my msn to strangers!

  17. 5596857

    dude giveme ur msn in a msg
    i am in graphic design so u can giveme some tips? thanks

  18. bettiep

    Kat is so different now then when the show first started.? I mean with Aubry there and all the work with her make up lines and stuff she just seems tired, and sick of it all! Oh well. It’s understandable.

  19. emmaensign6

    so am i, i have a degree in fine art and graphic design… i would definately love to tattoo if i knew how! it’s not all stencil work, you obviously don’t have any tattoos yourself, let alone custom? tattoos. i draw up all my own tattoos

  20. anthmar35

    I? am an artist kid…would not lower my abilities to stencil on peoples bodies.

  21. emmaensign6

    you? do it then!

  22. anthmar35

    I think it is funny that? they call this art..this is hardly art…bunch of fucken paint by number artists is what they are.

  23. katvond1000

    love? this show

  24. bIcuTsA

    <3? kat von D

  25. kapster8

    great tv? show

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