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25 Responses to “Kat Von D on Ellen Degeneres”

  1. Michelle1997Jette

    @Yeshuasgirl1 Why the Bible? quotes?

  2. ideasfaltan

    @Pitchblac7 ahahha? Kat have Argentina attitude

  3. ideasfaltan


  4. MsAnge3l

    shes? weirdddddddd

  5. Yeshuasgirl1

    “I am the truth, the? way, and the life; noone comes to the Father but through me.” -Jesus (John 14:6)

  6. bonhomie888

    I like her voice… reminds me? of shane

  7. sgonged

    @SwIfTyRoXMySoXIeS Well it’s my opinion? all the same. I din’t know about her until I saw this video. So how would I know? I don’t hate her, I am disgusted by the tats on her. To me tats are far to trendy, a far cry from what they used to mean. If you tat your face or neck putting something so perm is not stable.

  8. millyybabess

    I would love to just spend hours just looking at and reading all her tattoos! I think they make her a more interesting and unique person:D I have some tattoos (including the palm of my and the back of my ear) but I don’t think they hurt that much, maybe I’m just? good with pain? Haha

  9. SwIfTyRoXMySoXIeS

    @sgonged ok i understand people have opinions but i think your opinion is shit and fukn stupid. the fact she “disgusts” you makes no sence. Y watch the video if she disgusts u? we all like her and admire her and think she is amazng and you are here just hating on her? WTF r u talkn bout, a stable person?? is? isnt trying to kill herself or others??? she has a buisness of art and she is 100% stable??? ur porbibly a 50 yr old woman who is alone in the world and hating on how the youth has changed

  10. sgonged

    @SwIfTyRoXMySoXIeS I can’t have an opinion or preference? What does “gawjus” mean anyway? Yes, tattoos only make you stand out more. Know this, tattoos carry a stereotype associated with them. When you cover you? body with them that is not the sign of a stable, beautiful person.

  11. SwIfTyRoXMySoXIeS

    @sgonged thats terrible . . . im a blond girl of 18 and i would probibly never get tatooed cos im too much of a whimp and have nothing particularly important to put on myself . . buht i think she is beautiful and gawjus . . . tatoos only made her stand out more . . i think your comment so so harsh . . can u? not see her face???? or her personality??? i think you should re thing what “beautiful” means as their is not a bulletpointed list in a dictionary of wot u have to be to be beautiful.

  12. bodella7

    The Goddess reincarnated… LOVE THIS WOMAN…?

  13. sgonged

    @themadhatter10771 She disgusts? me.

  14. themadhatter10771

    @sgonged she is? beautiful

  15. Famis1982

    Kat is HOT?

  16. cburrezzy

    i know ellen got? hot lookin at all them thighs!

  17. sgonged

    Poor poor? girl. She could have been beautiful.

  18. bdd549

    psht ellen you know you were not looking at her tattoos when she sat? down lol

  19. QueenOfTheTrolls

    aw i was enjoying that :( ha?

  20. QueenOfTheTrolls

    shes just so? fucking cool lol i wanna be her

  21. ThexEdgexOfxGlory

    @Bignacho98 OMG! Hahahahaha!?

  22. Sojerothetenkin101

    ! i just had an epiphany…kat laughs? like MARGE SIMPSON !

  23. Wadim4891


  24. Bignacho98

    @ahsleyblakee your mom was forever destroyed last? night

  25. ahsleyblakee

    she is so damn ugly.

    and forever? destroyed

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