Jamie Thomas and the Homies Skate LA and get tattooed by Kat Von D – Let The Good Times Roll Posted by admin on March 2nd, 2012 | Comments (23) |

Go on a trip each Tuesday with legendary skateboarder Jamie Thomas and friends to get an exclusive look into their life in skateboarding. Subscribe to Ride: www.youtube.com facebook.com twitter.com instagram @ridechannel Music Artist- Slipping Into Darkness Song- Tijuana Artist- Embalmers Song- Humgry Jack

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23 Responses to “Jamie Thomas and the Homies Skate LA and get tattooed by Kat Von D – Let The Good Times Roll”

  1. jonnydmcairns

    I want Windsor’s zero tie dye!?

  2. bottleofsmack

    kat? would get a bang

  3. abricosoto

    CHUCK NORRIS 1:11 !!???

  4. abricosoto

    1:11 CHUCK? NORRIS??!!

  5. MrGabys91

    @FilmEastCoast you’re crazy? hd looks so much better, you’re dumb dude


    STIL Sticker bei? 1:54

  7. gilbert11ful

    yeah? sick

  8. jeremyshambles

    @mksp93 i m trying to? figure it out myself, i m guessing kicky nose grind, most likely that s it..

  9. 1ricer

    @JOKBO1 so? true.

  10. TheMastakilla4201

    Fuck yea? reyes

  11. Supermandudez18

    haha @0:44 looks like Ryan Smith was picking up JT in air ?

  12. perdycool90

    i love how the main part of the video was saposed to be the tatoo but it made up 3 seconds? of the video

  13. blackheartsk8

    @mksp93 to fast for the? naked eye

  14. mksp93

    wtf was? the last trick?

  15. destroybabylon420

    fuck yea? embalmers

  16. allturbo16

    @sethzky77 short answer… Yes?

  17. sethzky77

    Is thomas still bible? bangin’?

  18. DirtyGhetto

    That nollie b/s flip at? 2:03 is fucking sick!

  19. taycuhtoe

    Best show! Jamie Thomas? is a gnarly guy.

  20. caseyn4573

    Free creature deck on my channel!!!!! Subscribe to me? to win!!!!!

  21. igosk8

    @ayolewistv Nope, hes on Mystery for a while. Do you know when the dudes from Gril/Chocolate? wear the gear from the other “sister” company? Same thing…

  22. WuFaceProductions

    last trick? filmer sucks what a bad angle

  23. dragonninjafighter

    they went for gold

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