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Kat Von D’s LA Ink season 1, episode 2, part 3 – No Where To Work

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25 Responses to “LA Ink 102 pt3”

  1. ReyMysterioLuver

    that? carpenter guy really likes to bitch so unprofessional

  2. bezziebloomie

    that chest piece? is brilliant


    maaan I love Corey?

  4. jennyscreamsout

    Wooo? go pixie!!

  5. alexgmsea


  6. WoodenSteelPuppet21

    @shroom248 well, I’d say it depends on the PERSON, not the thickness of the skin since you gotta push? the needle in to a certain skin layer (which is not connected to how thick one’s skin is)
    also depends on how the TATTOOIST works… but all in all, I’d say (having experienced it myself a few times – neck too, didn’t hurt – and having seen my friends getting them) it hurts less than ppl’d think, but the pain afterwards, in the healing process, can be really tough if the skin’s not treated well

  7. shroom248

    dude,tattoos do hurt as much as they say they do,so i disagree,some people just have thick skin so it doesnt hurt them as much as other people,i did a tat on somebody’s neck and didnt hurt them at all,and everyone knows how much? neck tat’s hurt

  8. nickkPURDY

    @punksjared Only if you dont wear sunscreen and only if you go like RIGHT as soon as? you get a tattoo done.

  9. nickkPURDY

    @GraceJMBunce Only if you dont wear? sunscreen and only if you go like RIGHT as soon as you get a tatoo done.

  10. punksjared

    dosent the beach will make the tattoo? faded?

  11. greyskirt

    wow? thats great!

  12. punkalicious123

    that dudes.. FAT.? =/

  13. ScreamKidd

    Tattoos don’t hurt as much as people say they do, however, saying they kill, just prepares you for a lot of pain then you get almost nothing.

    Think of a cat scratch, its kinda like that.

    AND! sorry this is random.
    A lot of butch biker dudes told me the worst place to get tattooed is your ribs, and they’d never get it done. I got? mine and out of all my tattoos that one hurt the least.

  14. SixthTreeAtNoon

    All they give is his name,? which is Anthony. They don’t even give his surname…

  15. kellex81

    That Corey?? He looks so like Travolta :)

  16. dtulifat

    You can design it yourself and they will put it on you, it doesn’t have to be their art.

    Besides, not everyone is artist. We can give ideas and they do something for us, they would only tattoo? it if we’re 100% happy.

  17. Reklawniks

    So…? Pixie is like the mascot of the shop?
    Her ear piercings are really gross, but shes kinda cute

  18. Reklawniks

    Los Abandoned I think?

  19. philwb

    i sorta would have a problem with? the “having someone elses art on you” part…i dont know why,it doesnt feel right to me to have something permanent that you didnt design

  20. bunnydelady

    all my ink is triditional, n my second big? peace was on the back of my right arm, i was like cinvulsing 1/2 way through.
    a bit of advice, dont drink energy drinks b4 getting tattooed! LOL

  21. tinashootsup

    HAHA 0:48? . When he tells him it’s “Too Sweet” Cory’s face is priceless!

  22. VelvetLilia

    woahh the pirate chest? piece looks so good!! Really really cool!!

  23. sbomwollen

    Does anyone know what’s the name of the band at 1:50?

  24. gentamasu

    gnamo? un cristo e una madonna no,,, vabbè se poi li tatua ci puo stare… hihihi

  25. TheWorld4all

    I like tattoos as long as it’s not on? me.

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