Frankie is getting the tattoo in Kat von D´s LA Ink – part 2 Posted by admin on February 29th, 2012 | Comments (23) |

high quality ;-).Enjoy it!

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23 Responses to “Frankie is getting the tattoo in Kat von D´s LA Ink – part 2”

  1. xSingItForTheWorldx

    i love frank? like omg O_o i would pay him if he let me tattoo him

  2. MCRxFANx2011

    i love how tiny frank is compared to kat…frank is sooooo cute!! :D?

  3. MyBittersweetDagger

    i feel so bad for Frank and how long he has to wait for Kat :(?

  4. AbernathyCreed

    I’m excited I’m getting my first tat? today. Can’t wait!

  5. ladybone89

    i love how deep his connection to his family is <'3 and how much it means to him, wish i could? say and do the same about my family… but it isn't so.

  6. TorieLaurelqt421

    hihi wie geil? hab 3 brüste

  7. GiraffesMH

    1:14 frank is staring? off into space XD

  8. bigtimerushgurl13

    1:03? I fricking LOVE that skell guitar(:

  9. 98DarkAngel

    Never make Frankie wait again -.-”
    Omg he’s soo cute!! He’s so tiny? next to Kat von D! I’m the same height as Frankie (5’4)

  10. MCRconnie

    naaaaaaawk frankies sooo adorable xD?

  11. Lillefoden

    @143mychemicalromance She didn’t just get to? met him, they’re actually good friends :))

  12. EllieGaga100

    Frankie Is? Sooooooooo Cute………. HOW COULD YOU KEEP HIM WATING!

  13. LFCrobyn1996

    i feel? guilty making dad wait…. omg frank was for 5 hours…

  14. LFCrobyn1996

    nawww. poor? frank.. it got interupted x
    “.5 hours bloody hell, kats got patientce

  15. LFCrobyn1996

    nawww. poor frank.. it? got interupted x

  16. 4everKilljoy


  17. moozeremily

    cant believe they didn’t? know who frank waz :-O

  18. 143mychemicalromance

    LUCKY!!! she? gets to meet frank =))


    frankie feels no pain XD? ?

  20. samsterz98

    i love how he’s not even flinching and hes just? talking when there is ink being burned onto his skin.

  21. LizzyyDeppluvShrtStk

    OMG. The picture of Frank and his grandpa. LAWL? FRANK.

  22. ohaitherejaaz

    Frank is such a cutie.? and he’s so short omg.

  23. ad1170

    @eimearrulz 5ft 6 same height as matt? bellamy and is the average hight for a women but it’s a very loose average so dont go mad

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