Sephora Presents: Kat Von D’s New American Beauty Art Tour Posted by admin on February 28th, 2012 | Comments (25) |

Shop KVD Now: Kat Von D discusses her Sephora art tour, New American Beauty, with limited edition prints benefitting the Art of Elysium charity.

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25 Responses to “Sephora Presents: Kat Von D’s New American Beauty Art Tour”

  1. MsMisfits

    I love how well she presents her self? in an interview and when talking of her work and inspiration. She sounds smart, unlike most ppl in the spotlight. She is definitely inspiring and lucky to have had that support with her creativity. I think the worst thing imaginable is being told your creative outlet and passion isn’t good enough and could never make them (parents,family,boyfriends, etc) proud of you and couldn’t be your career. So sad.

  2. vilandra09

    Finally I see someone? really beautiful!

  3. 73castelletti

    @HelloFizzy The song playing is “We? Come Out? At Night” by Snake! Snake! Snakes!

  4. 73castelletti

    The song playing? is “We Come Out At Night” by Snake! Snake! Snakes!

  5. MelianDesign

    Ay mamasita !!!!!!!…..Esta niña linda, se va a poner el mundo por? montera para dejar una huella inmensa. Belleza en estado puro, por fuera y mas aun,por dentro. Salud y suerte Kat.

  6. MelianDesign

    3:17 A proud? father. :)


    Fuck it that I live in Europe… =( I’m dying to go to? America (and all because of Kat Von D Sephora!x’D)

  8. srv1959

    You are lucky you get to experience love and you have so many people supporting you in what you want.? You are extremely lucky your family fosters your love for art and creativity.

  9. HelloFizzy

    i wonder what? song was playing…

  10. simplyxpliicitful

    I love Kat Von D! It’s amazing how her dad supports her being an? artist now AND supported her back then.

  11. melissadsf6

    Dad,? so proud!

  12. melissadsf6

    You rock, love seeing? your

  13. shell1328

    2:54 so? cute


    Tutorial on? her eye makeup. It’s stunning.

  15. lukesability

    You are? the most beautiful person. Inside and out.

  16. BellanLiLi

    Love Kat Von? D (:
    And omg jeffery star was there coolness!

  17. maggiemld

    I love how much Dad? Von D is proud of you. You can see it in his face <3

  18. foxxynative

    plz come? to albuquerque, nm!!!

  19. xomegxo153

    i? love it, kat! so cool!!

  20. KAYYkiwi94

    I’m excited for March 22 now. If I’m able to go, it? will be my 3rd time meeting her. I hope she remembers me. <3

  21. chchnews

    What if the tour isn’t near me? I have to have? one of those pictures!

  22. tanatreesh12

    omg IL omg i am so? going

  23. lustandlove20

    Jeffree is so? random.

  24. adkorz05

    This is one of my favorite and most looked up to women along with Oprah and? Ellen. She is truly beautiful and an inspiration.

  25. Babeangel2737


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