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*SEASON 3 EPISODE 2* Amy has difficulties sketching a tattoo and Kat tattoos an amazing portrait on a guy of his dad. Enjoy! xoxo

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17 Responses to “LA Ink • Stranger in my shop • pt. 2/3”

  1. DutchRodent

    I was so scared for Amy? to tattoo, hope she is going to do great!!

  2. YungStacked

    Amy can have? all of this dick

  3. BuriedErect

    I think it’s pretty cool that Corey’s helping Amy a? little.

  4. ItsMeAgain0909

    I think amy is ugly :\ am? i the only one ?

  5. TheNextgraff

    As I enter? wing called the store and new who tells me please

  6. xDarkland

    Aubrey needs? to shuuuuuuut up.

  7. cityinjunrocker89

    Gosh? I LOVE AMY’S HAIR!!!! It’s bad ass!!!!

  8. cityinjunrocker89

    The guy in the beginning, Mike I think, he? looks like Jason Newsted!! Hah hah :}

  9. XALostHeartX

    Amy? is cool :]

  10. Fionadtp

    This is season 4 btw. Not 3?

  11. PedooooBear

    yeaa…umm….I think Aubrey is a? lesbian.

  12. PedooooBear

    Amy is so pretty and Aubrey is so ugly! Complete opposites! :O ?

  13. MnMS1904

    i think aubrey is a cool chick,,but her problem is that she just doesnt fit in,,and that shes an outkast.. she could still get along with them if she knew how? to act around them,lol.. btw thanks for the upload.

  14. ladyheather82

    I LOVE FUCKING LOVE? that bird/harvest moon tat! THAT moon is Amazing! )o(

  15. VirgoneonSaphire

    Amy’s hair is amazing? :O

  16. SuperDP1991

    Aubrey let? her lesbian side come out XD

  17. jnicole121

    Amy is so fucking gorgeous.? uggh.
    & Aubrey is still an idiot.

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