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Hope you guys enjoy =) Please rate and comment! I love talking to you all ! Stalk me on twitter twitter.com FTC? I bought everything, was paid nothing. Honestly love these products.

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D – True Love Palette Tutorial”

  1. pinkmonet1

    good job?

  2. annabellesmakeup

    @Dj104 Thank? you!

  3. Dj104

    You? remind me so much of Evan Rachel Wood! Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. sandra666

    great tutorial.? But my Benji is dried out, it was like that when I bought it.

  5. DreaMaru00

    Great look!? Bought this palette and I’m so excited to start mixing the different colors. I also love your polish!

  6. psycoticmisfortune

    Is the benji shade? supposed to be really… hard?
    I left my palette in my car in 10 degree weather and it got really cold… (oops!)
    anyway, it doesn’t really go on to my eyelid really easy.

  7. InTheVampyForest

    Very pretty :)?

  8. annabellesmakeup

    @Allipowie i believe it is? gunmetal by sally hansen.

  9. Allipowie

    Great look! THanks! I? had a little question…what is the nail polish you’re wearing…i love the colour!

  10. Allipowie

    Hey! Great look! Thnaks! I had a ? quick question…whats the nail polish youre wearing? It’s a really pretty colour’!

  11. Krystle711

    did you use an eyelash curler prior to doing? this tutorial?

  12. MissSteph218

    Hey! Thanks for this tutorial, I absolutely loved this look and will be trying it out tonight. Really appreciate what your doing this helps so many people, including myself.? This look, looks great on you btw! :)

  13. MissSteph218

    Hey! Thanks for this tutorial, I absolutely loved this look and will be trying it out tonight. Really appreciate what your doing this helps so many people, including myself. This look, looks? great on you btw! :)

  14. kmh2536

    Hey, I like what you’re doing, but one thing bugged the hell out of me. “Dupable” doesnt mean what you think it means. “Dupable” is what you would use to describe someone who is able to be duped. “Duplicable” I think is the word you are looking for, as in? the colour can be duplicated by other brands, not just available thru Kat Von D in this pallette.

  15. codycouture1

    I think that the color Rebecca might? be easily duped by Nars galapagos. I dont have this palette though so im not sure lol

  16. cascadestars

    What was the first makeup brush you were using!? :D?

  17. annabellesmakeup

    @sweetysilvi? sure you could! if you did the exact same look but used a dark green colour as liner on the bottom im sure your eyes would look aaaamaaazing =D

  18. sweetysilvi

    Damn that look sure describes the meaning of ‘making your eyes pop’. I wish i had your eyes they are made for make up! Mine are brown so I don’t think I can pull of something that will make my eyes pop like yours! Great job you? have awesome tuttorials!

  19. annabellesmakeup

    for sure =)?

  20. 70mireia

    could you do another tutorial? with the purples?
    thank U!!

  21. StoliDassah

    It’s on my birthday list! *crosses? fingers*

  22. annabellesmakeup

    I recommend this palette! Please go out and? buy it. It is so versatile and works beautifully. And if it has your name in it thats even better!

  23. StoliDassah

    i want this palette! It’s weird, I find my “go-to” make-up look lately is a brown smokey eye…and in this palette, the beautiful brown color? is called Rebekah, which is my name! And it’s even spelled the same way, which never happens! I have the hardest time finding anything with that spelling.

  24. annabellesmakeup

    Haha bright colours are always good? to use as a “pop of colour” =P
    Glad you enjoyed!

  25. annabellesmakeup

    Glad to help!? =)

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