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22 Responses to “Kat Von D Beethoven Palette Review”

  1. xxsuperclaire

    are the? purples chalky?

  2. EatSleepMakeup23

    I hate the one named tequila. Mine is really chalky. Most of the eyeshadows are alright but I use speed blue the most. I put it over my urban decay binge eyeliner to make it pop a? bit more.

  3. Blackbutterflies98

    @milaann19 ME TOO<3? i love her line

  4. sweetangelz89

    is there a cream? shadow in this palette?

  5. MizzKellisaurus

    maybe I’m late on this but I love ur makeup here and u should? do a little tutorial on it. =)

  6. milaann19

    shes? awsome i have all of her make up i love it! i love kat make up

  7. Missyloveswwe

    Cora, you are so right when you said this palette is good if your just starting out and don’t? have many colors. This is the palette I started with. Thanks for the reveiw!

  8. AshleyLynn829

    Were Can You? Get This Palette?

  9. angelajang1

    you have like exact? opposite taste from me LOL but ur review was very helpful and detail thank you so much!

  10. SoTheFatManSings

    no amount of? makeup can make your face skinnier

  11. Grievousig101

    I own all 7 of her palettes I love them, just hate the cream eyeshadows. I kept the packaging too haha (well I keep the packaging to everything, got a bag just full of boxes things came in)?

  12. AfterBirthShame


  13. Cordi666

    You were right the first time Gah Lee Ah No. after the designer ^_^ <3 your stuff chicka?

  14. mrblueysky

    @Blackmixedlatina Ha! It went for eight minutes, stop? ya whining

  15. starhighlove

    @Blackmixedlatina The video was only 8 minutes long. If you don’t? like it, don’t watch it, moron.

  16. LxExMxOxN

    @Blackmixedlatina This video was only 8? minutes long.

  17. Blackmixedlatina

    OMG why do you talk so much.? It’s really annoying!!! Why don’t you just be more practical instead of so verbal. It’s hard to listen to you 20 minutes long!!!

  18. redpandaaa

    based on the shock proof statement i will tell you that it is not indeed shock proof lol. i dropped my ludwig palette and lucifer fell out? completely even when it was closed. but i have beethoven so it worked out cuz its in there also lol

  19. pcpatter

    love you makeup in this vid. would love to see a tutorial on? it. very natural looking.

  20. LVTrevi

    I actually really love them I got all of? them except metal orchestra. LOVE LOVE LOVE, and kat is awesome

  21. LVTrevi

    totally! its like you try to test combos but like not when your? rushing to get out the house.

  22. sintheticecstacy

    pretty much?

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