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Todd Barrett gets a tattoo with Hannah Aitchison on LA Ink, celebrates getting legally married to his partner, and talks about his amazing daughter.

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25 Responses to “LA INK – Todd Tattoo – Hannah Aitchison”

  1. lesrambles1

    That’s just wrong.
    Read the bible.?

  2. zacarias2006

    Hannah Aitchison is one of? the best!!…most of his work are very impressive.

  3. RedrumJavier666

    so he wants a child with his gay partner,there so selfish they dont think of the lil? girl, she’s gonna have a rough life knowing she has 2 dads, everyone is gonna bully her. i feel so bad for that girl, how ironic there gay but they choose a girl for there kid 😉

  4. manlex47

    Dude, Id? fuck that chick. 😉

  5. midnitetattoo

    Hannah? Aitchison soooo sexy !

  6. pnuthead42


  7. MegaMrsNickJonas

    OMG my last name is Aitchison ?


    i just knew he was gay, no straight guy would have those glasses :)
    my best friend is gay, so this message is totally not against? gay people!
    and i love his story, so sweet ! true love !

  9. Bystronicman08

    @MyMindIsEverything Your one to speak about peace and harmony with that? hatred spewing from your mouth.Who cares if he is gay?It does not effect you one bit.So quit being a homophobe and let people enjoy their lives.Oh yea fuck idiots on the internet who make stupid and judgemental remarks of others.

  10. MyMindIsEverything

    he is a nice guy…but he is a fucking homo and? he should not be able to have a child,if God wanted homos in this world he would made them to be able to concive babies,but they can’t so if you lock them in a cage in 70-90 years they will fuck homos fuck racists fuck devil worshipers fuck money worshipers,where is the fucking love and peace and harmony?

  11. wrldrocks

    What an amazing guy full of spirit.? :)

  12. ShaylaScissorhands

    hannah is so hot, my fav in la ink!?

  13. atfatw

    Hi, I’m? tat von Dee. wow, what a skank!!!!!!!!

  14. pnuthead42

    that? made me so happy! lovely tattoo and very inspirational story!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. donletidiotruinurday

    i cant wait? till i get mine, in less than a month!

  16. emailaddress3407

    I love how positive he is. Its so great that he is so happy in his life.? I think everybody should have the opportunity to find true love and have the loving family and have all the tattoos they want. :)

  17. FuzzyPurplePenguin

    @PiggyPhoo Amen!!?

  18. PiggyPhoo

    If someone is lucky enough to find true love and lasting happiness with another person, no matter their gender, then I doubt God would ever want to do? anything to take that away. This guy is so happy and resilient – he deserves all the happiness in the world.

  19. amanogingi01

    It doesn’t. Don’t be a sheep and read the Bible. God never said that, just a bunch of haters that think they can speak in the name? of the Lord.

  20. amanogingi01

    Who are you to decide? ?

  21. denniswarcrafter1

    shes? fucking….hot…all of those ppl are fucking tattoo gods

    my list:

    1. Corry
    2. Hannah
    3.Kat von D

  22. ShaDela87

    he`s? sweet…

  23. ocb077

    please help? i want find tattoo of mafia !!!

  24. misadventure71

    Hannah? Aitchison’s work is always art…

  25. emeraldpixie

    aw I’m so glad you have found happiness finally, you deserve it! Love the tattoo, Hannah is a genius!?

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