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Kat Von D’s LA Ink season 1, episode 1, part 3 – Welcome Home Kat

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25 Responses to “LA Ink 101 pt3”

  1. 123ILuvUTube123

    That flower tattoo looks amazing! I like it when tattoos have a feminine colourful touch to them vs. only like black, white? and grey.

  2. countroshculla

    Why does Kat keep calling women ‘Dude’? I hate it when women use? the word Dude to other chicks. That’s so a male word. They can’t take it away from us!

  3. 666ocelot

    OMG? ! This guy is just massacring his back !

  4. XxMadiMxX

    thank you so much for uploading? these!

  5. jainae1


  6. Shizzle0596

    i live in england …but when i get my tatto im so making a journey out of it ….eg. getting it done by kat v d …also shes my hero so who else should i? choose?

  7. NotSoAmericanIdiot

    Her cat’s called Ludwig! 😀 That’s? so adorable!

  8. andyarcadipane

    Kim is so fucking? hot!!!
    Also an amazing artist

  9. rstew81

    i think that pixies aproach on the girl? shop thing is good , and very valid but i still think she could have used better ways to say that , she sounds a bit femanist , but still valid aproach

  10. r0xothgr8

    i so hate aubrey i was so happy when? kat fired her ass

  11. LpJunior537

    i hope the new season doesnt have aubrey, amy, and paulie. i couldn’t stand them, its LA INK not la ink? and two shows off in another shop owned by a nut job and a dumbass blonde

  12. WeAreBullets

    hahaha, high-fives rock, they’re just? so much better than handshakes ;D


    A shop of? chicks that rock…I like it hahah

  14. xBeautifullyTorn

    her cat is so cute. o_o?

  15. axlrose666ify

    i love tattoo’s 4 more weeks and i? get my guns and roses cross :)

  16. xxohhoneyxx09

    she’s the new shop manager this season.shes an airhead. Kat’s bro? hired her while Kat was in New York with Sephora.

  17. TheZenful

    whos? aubrey?

  18. saintconnnor

    corey is a legend?

  19. togetherforever64

    i think kim sorta looks like jennifer? aniston

  20. bettiep

    The shows are? on DVD.

  21. bettiep

    yeah she is. She totally? threw that new guy under the bus! “I’m not sure you’re a good tattooer..and um..” What a witch.

  22. bettiep

    I’m getting a tattoo.? not sure what yet.

  23. yesseniaT13

    I’m in love with that cat! It’s pretty awesome that she named the kitty? after Beethoven.

  24. xxohhoneyxx09

    i agree with? you. aubry is an idiot.

  25. gloriagordon

    why did they? stop bein friends?!

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