Kat Von D’s hairless sphinx cat, Valentine! Posted by admin on February 5th, 2012 | Comments (25) |

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D’s hairless sphinx cat, Valentine!”

  1. TheCakeIsALie1992

    The cat’s? name is Ludwig…

  2. BouncingPurpleCows

    Aww RIP Valentine, so? cute!

  3. TheMegaMissAnonymous

    Aww…? Little Valentine, your gorgeous little beast

  4. xpkxheeling


  5. mooimafish21


  6. zombori1

    rip i?? miss you

  7. pauliberg

    die? arme katze

  8. chelw327

    RIP? Valentine

  9. Bubbleblastboo

    rip? i miss you

  10. venusbelastar

    I am speechless…. I send you my love and tears. Rest in peace Valentine.

    I have 3 Sphynxs and understand the extreme bond they have with their people.?
    …..I know there is another waiting for you. Please don’t hesitate to find him.

  11. 42DarkLight

    Rest In Peace Valentine. You were truly a beautiful animal that was loved by so many people. Kat- my thoughts are with you during this difficult? time. <3

  12. chellelynx

    RIP Valentine.? <3

  13. WithLoveFromKay

    R.I.P. Valentine
    you were so precious a gift sent? from above

    now you may rest in peace with ludwig

    see you in heaven!

  14. Xamydumasfan4everX

    R.I.P Valentine ):? I love you!

  15. SPICEMANful

    how cute?

  16. clare1612

    Awww!? Valentine is such a lil cutie! :)

  17. maggiemld

    kat babe, you are such a dork 😉
    i miss you, come back already? :(
    see you november 19th love! xoxo

  18. thelumbahjack


  19. lmbarak

    Awww, what a gorgeous kitty. I love kitties, I have three domestic shorthairs. I’d love to have a sphynx, they’re? so cute.

  20. fr1695

    aww i want one but i think my dogs? wold not like that

  21. TruthIsDisturbing

    Here kitty? kitty, here kitty kitty kitty

  22. ILOVEYOUnot417

    awww valentine is so adorable. my dad says they are ugly but i personally think they are works of art. i cant wait to live on my own and get like 12 of them.(crazy cat lady, thats? me)

  23. RachelxRenee

    soo CUTE! <3?

  24. syranon

    awwww… isn’t? she cute =)

  25. jellobear

    so? cute!

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