LA Ink- Crashing Kat’s Bentley Posted by admin on February 4th, 2012 | Comments (22) |

Tune in Thursdays @ 10/9c, for more LA ink go to: | Kat offers to let her roommates drive her new convertible with bad results.

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22 Responses to “LA Ink- Crashing Kat’s Bentley”

  1. saucecakes

    Since when did they rename the word kitchen? to Bentley?

  2. fired71

    clearly she didnt wanna say give me the keys to my car? first because she was on tv (:

  3. PrettyPatty28

    Kat has a beautiful heart, her cute cat was all that matter to her,
    and not? her Bentley.

  4. kjnjonaslovers14

    ARIANNA! hahahahaha since she got fired off this show she came back home and i worked with her at a grocery store….yea. she got fired yesterday. and no one really liked her. and i? think its super funny that she got fired….and btw.. where shes from, we all dont drive like she does

  5. bfink12

    that cat needs to be in a pet carrier!? dumbasses!

  6. ThePacovalencia

    I don’t like Arianna from the start…
    I’m sorry for what I say, but I hope that she’ll be? fire!!!!

  7. xxxcatxxxx

    I love kat, shes so chilled shes such a lovely? boss, how many chances she gave aubry is beyond me!!

  8. uhohwhoops

    Women drivers…?

  9. Kaydella007

    K. The cat is going to the vet for something…Fuckin? HOLD the cat!!

  10. Thelexx5

    this guy is a bitch puttung the situation on the girl? you can tell he dont like her he deserves a beat down for this

  11. Pyrothos666

    @huebear if not more, he wasn’t man enough to? do something so he passed the task onto someone else so he couldn’t get shit for it

  12. yes333yes

    hat? guy is a fucking asshole, his responsibility and he trys to pass it off then looks at the girl and says happy!? i would’ve slapped him if i? were her

  13. Akahseles

    that’s? not a fuckin crash. another misleading title.

  14. kyudooooo

    @nobiggiestudio Lol i would never let anyone touch that car if it was mine. yeah those tires can be pretty pricey since it’s made? to handle a lot of speed.

  15. ZebbMassiv

    dude should have just? drove himself

  16. datkiddswaqq

    @ellenlaura97 man if they call her fat, i don’t even wanna know what skinny is.?

  17. huebear

    Why is everybody pointing the finger at the blond… Kat asked HIM to do it and he passed the buck off to the blond. He is just as guilty as she is.?


    the? blonde girl needs to clean up her act man she has been given an oppertunity that millions of people that would kill. shee needs to pull her head out of her ass

  19. TheCrazyfrog151

    i <3 kat!

  20. bill739

    that was cool . i like seeing very expensive cars damaged. four flats is nothing its like 2 dollars? for the rich bitch

  21. RobotChick1000

    I’m not a cat person..but I love the hairless ones because it would make me? feel like the bad guy in Austin Powers…

  22. ellenlaura97

    @TheShowBrown Well why do you point it out???? Sure she has a bit of stomach fat, but thats normal for ANYONE. Do you exspect her to be anorexic just because she’s on t.v???? She sure looks heck of a lot better than I do. She looks pretty healthy to me, and not fat at all. Don’t say anything if your just going to be negative. What you said can REALLY? hurt.

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