Frankie is getting the tattoo in Kat von D´s LA Ink – part 1 Posted by admin on February 1st, 2012 | Comments (22) |

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22 Responses to “Frankie is getting the tattoo in Kat von D´s LA Ink – part 1”

  1. KawaiiMooMoo

    I love that she has the? standard “Oh, you’re in a band?” like “Sure, honey, everyone who comes in here is ‘in a band'” XD But, he’s, like, legit famous.

  2. alicerocks162

    FML FOR? MISSING THIS SHOW. When teenagers came on i wasd like “FUCCK YEAAAH”

  3. sleepovermania1

    Was? one of the artists wearing an Adeline top???

  4. LizzyyDeppluvShrtStk

    That was? just… adorable.

  5. 0Abbie0Rosie0

    Franks hair is the? cutest thing ever here.

  6. crazymo6200

    funny how HERO in Italian kinda? sounds like Iero… (:

  7. emoluvish

    Oh frank, your so? useful XD

  8. PlzGetRealNow

    LOLOL and he’s? feeding his body guard fruit.

  9. PlzGetRealNow

    he’s just standing there pulling he’s sleeves down so shy and? awkwardly <3 freaking adorable

  10. natashailovepatrick

    i hate how pixie just leaves at? the end, and then franks so nice about it

  11. MissBrokenHeart1998

    how can you not know that? frank iero is in my chemical romance?!?!?!

  12. dalyneboo8993

    I love how Frankie is like a door shorter than Kat and how he is soooo nice about the whole thing and how he doesn’t just straight out say that Chris is his body guard ? soo yeah…. ?

  13. mouloudo


  14. CollisionOfYurKiss15

    LOLO 5:59 “no wait maybe? you should be ive got…*show muscle* ,okay nevermind” aww

  15. cazychick67

    Did she say his last? name wrong, or have I been saying it wrong all these years?
    Isn’t it ‘Eye-Air-O’?
    She said “Ear-O”
    I’m so confused.

  16. 03MCRfan

    awhh… i lovee? frank he’s so.. nice :)

  17. Hadewayx

    So you’re still on tour right?
    -? “Mmyeahh… TT_TT” xDDD ILVOEYOUU

  18. Hadewayx

    It must be annoying to have? someone who follows you everywhere..

  19. jaynebugs

    My? mouth just dropped open when that chick just rudely walks away at the end…

  20. MrGaffacake

    Facepalm? MCRmy…

  21. NeilaSnD

    lol i’m italian and when i heard frank say “la mia famiglia, il mio eroe” i was like “did gerard? teach him?”
    his accent made me laugh 4 sooo long
    I have to replay that.

  22. prettyanita44

    awwwww frankie is frikin short compared to that guy chris ^_^ that is soo cute 😀
    yus!!!? frankie is prob my size or taller 😛

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