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TWITTERISTAS: twitter.com FACEBOOKERS: www.facebook.com JulieG Nail Polish Collection: www.youtube.com BUY IT HERE: www.jessesgirlcosmetics.com Kat Von D Concealer www.sephora.com Makeup & Nail Polish Worn: MAC Naked Lunch Eyeshadow Liquid Liner (Black) MAC Margin Blush YSL #23 Lipstick with clear gloss Nail Polish- All Things Girly: Julie G Nail Polish Collection This is not a sponsored video. I purchased the concealer on my own. I’m not affiliated with the company and all opinions are my own.

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer Review”

  1. rochiebaybie868

    @xtineladyc it could also be her lighting because? we both know lights can play games on us! :)

  2. xtineladyc

    Youre such a sweet girl and I love your videos. But as a makeup artist, I have to tell you that this concealer is? too yellow for your skin. Try something with more pink in it, such as MAC concealers in the NW 20 shade.

  3. pUrPleLuv091

    why is everyone being so rude????? if yu dnt like it den dont watch it and dont leave ur comment. ur just waisting YOUR time.. !!!? you look beutifull julie, love all yur videos<3

  4. gagafan4eva1

    2:12-2:16,? airplane.

  5. angelhatesyou75217

    I love that the product is? called Tattoo concealer and there is no example of it covering tattoos…….

  6. shoaibferoz

    can u stop advertising your nailpolish on every single vidd #nohate?

  7. purdydangshnazzy

    thats the wrong? color for your skintone

  8. LUXEMakeup

    have you ever tried the? drugstore doupe for this product from Hard Candy glamoflauge ???? if so what do you think of it compared to kat von d concealer??

  9. missFEE455

    The vase? is oddly distracting

  10. carmenparra92

    julie can u show us how to make french tips on small nails thumbs up?

  11. lpnffchick

    Does look green……?

  12. LexiTori199

    it covered up everything pretty well but it looks green? when u zoomed in- but only when u zoomed

  13. BlissBaby97

    @briieme? Thank you!

  14. MilicaJedrilica

    Hey Julie, with all? due respect, you really don’t have any dark circles so I don’t believe you were the right “model” for this.

  15. TheYAZZ10

    please do a tutoral on ur eyebrows!!1 please? theyre sooo amazing!!!

  16. Hipsteration

    Firstly, your eyebrows are amazing, I’d love to have eyebrows like you.
    Yes, as everyone? said, you look a bit green…

  17. certifiedamazingx3

    lol so green looks bad!?

  18. Jaylyn231

    Does this settle into? any fine lines?

  19. Bibilalv

    Can you please please do a tutorial on your face like every thing because that look hon is gorgeous even your hair eyebrows? everything please thumbs up so she can see please

  20. OverTheTaupe

    I am in LOVE with your eyebrows. You pull off the? bold shape so well!

  21. briieme

    @BlissBaby97 mix concealer with face lotion. I get? random dry patches on my face and when I put on concealer or foundation they can be noticeable so I just rub in some lotion really well and the flakiness goes away and the coverage is still almost as good. You can also try to take the flakes off with tweezers or rub them off with a washcloth at night.

  22. lovable5550

    you? look green

  23. BlissBaby97

    Does this concealer flake up on any dry patches of your skin? That’s probabally my number 1 problem! I have a? really dry area around my nose, and all the concealers i’ve tried tend to make that area look flaky:( thumbs up so she can see please!!!

  24. perfumejunky1

    Julie could you please do a tutorial on your makeup look here. Your eyes look absoloutely gorgeous. Love the light pinky look here. Thank? you so much ;o)

  25. MDChick14

    I didnt see? any green…

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