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Burlesque performer Sparkly Devil gets tattooed on LA Ink by Hannah Aitchison, performs a fan dance and talks about burlesque and vaudeville.

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25 Responses to “Sparkly Devil on LA Ink Part 1”

  1. RealLoveRevolution

    As a budding hopeful in the wonderous world of Burlesque, you, darling, are such an inspiration and I couldn’t agree? more with your statement about the “real woman” remark. As a tall/thin girl, I sort of feel like a burleycue outcast b/c most dancers, such as yourself, often have luscious curves and a beautifully voluptuous figure.when I hear people refer to them as “real women” I can’t help but wonder why I am not the same.

  2. hellogorgeous213

    hannah was my favorite on LA? ink.
    its a shame she left.

  3. sinfinfin


  4. MALORY900

    hahahahha!!!!!!!!!!! kat? was pms…sick with it

  5. snagglepussitus

    Wow She looks exactly like Kristen? Wigg

  6. xjackie93

    @RawrADinosaur20 Many women are corrupted by today’s media, looking at size 00-2 models everywhere. What a lot of people aren’t aware of, is that in the 70’s, women were much more curvy.? Marylin Monroe wore an 18 dress size.

  7. 2ndHandKate

    youtube “betsy? ross burlesque” & Sparkly Devil will come up. It’s awesome & hilarious!

  8. hannah233921

    hannah is my favorite tattoo artist on LA ink, she is just lovely, down to earth and gets on with her job, the rest of? them are too dramatic…

  9. gema190

    i really? love hannah, she is so cute and adorable!!

  10. submissive2Master

    Kat is such a bitch in? this,

  11. tiedyebandanachick

    @girl123interrupted She really is, I’ve been in a show with her, my first performance ever…it was so inspiring to have her in the front row watching and smiling! She loves what she does, she does it very well. She probably has no idea? how inspiring she really is to other women who don’t look like supermodels. :)

  12. XXcatbones

    Kat is a fucking bitch?

  13. aaronkimi86

    That fight was so staged!!! very scripted!?

  14. girl123interrupted

    That burlesque girl is proof that you don’t have to be a size 00 to be sexy and comfortable in your? own skin: ) She seems cool

  15. SubtextRules

    I have such a girl crush on Hannah. She is so smart and beautiful. And don’t get me started on how creative she is. *Sigh* And Sparkly is pretty fine her darn self. Such a fun and upbeat girl. Not to mention? smart. Okay so maybe I can have two girl crushes? My gf is not going to be happy with me.

  16. Dreadedshado

    Hannah is gorgeous too! :D?

  17. JESSKAbrootal

    that sparkly is? fucking beautiful n__n

  18. nahui23

    Hola, Its Nahui!?

  19. UltimoLatino

    They should have kept Pixie around… i mean? she wasnt that bad at all…. compared to other shop managers.

  20. noirleather

    We love you Sparkly. Get your ass? back to Detroit.

  21. BreValintine

    oh jeeze!
    sparkly is so CUTE!?

  22. brayanlotbest

    i love it?

  23. eyeMADone1

    my dad worked? at el cid for 28 years,i love it there,

  24. RawrADinosaur20

    That woman is so cute and bubbly.
    Its absolutely inspiring to see how much she enjoys her work as a burlesque dancer, when she isn’t exactly a size 2.
    She’s beautiful and her amazing? and down to earth personality shines brightly.

  25. angeltay18

    i? love LA ink

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