Kat Von D playing Beethoven’s Fur Elise on piano Posted by admin on January 21st, 2012 | Comments (25) |

Practicing an oldie but goodie that I’m planning on using for my documentary.

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D playing Beethoven’s Fur Elise on piano”

  1. fujineopan

    Awww…I wish you would have played the? whole thing. :-)

  2. steffiRIOT


  3. BouncingPurpleCows

    Wow your? really good!!!!

  4. fabricekelleykucik

    ? thank you for this. ?

  5. arthurtats

    @candhvideos1234 too bad it? got cancelled

  6. WilderWein77

    I’m not a fan of Kat’s,? but I find that seeing tattooed hands playing classical music really beautiful.

  7. 28junee

    You are so talented Kat! Hope you can update more videos to youtube account more often!! I love watching videos that include playing the piano! It’s always been an instrument I’ve? been wanting to play ! too rad :)

    & big thuumbs up for this song, beethoven is the shiiiizz

  8. kungfuhussler39

    Besides the generous amount of graffiti on the stubby, side show fingers…..how could anyone be certain this is one and the same with the worthless TV act..?
    Seriously though..!! Funny little character for sedusing the mainstream sheeple. I couldnt possibly be the only person commenting here, who recognizes KVD as the lost, always “misunderstood” and eternal infant….giving herself relevance? only by saying….” if they dont get what it is about me, its their problem…” optical stupid..!!!

  9. SachaaK

    And this is AMAZING! So happy? you’re working on a album!!

  10. SachaaK

    Kaaat,? I wanna see your new house !

  11. bereal0rbegone

    Wow. I wanna see your house ,? KAT! go on mtv cribs

  12. GretchenWitter

    Woww, Kat that is incredible. My grandfather is and always will be a fan of Ludwig Van Beethoven. He would really love? to hear that someone can play Beethoven’s work and I will definately show this to him. That is truly an amazing job you did :)

  13. synystergaz

    beautiful Kat =]?

  14. inmanln01

    @xMadsLov rawrrrr. i love kat, just not her playing lol. i’m soorryyyyy?

  15. xMadsLov

    @inmanln01 If you mess with? the Kat, your gonna get the claws.

  16. inmanln01

    @xMadsLov Thing is, ? I can. I’m a classical pianist. She just murderd a beautiful piece. Oh well. She’s Awesome in many other ways :)

  17. xMadsLov

    @inmanln01? Like you can play any better.

  18. inmanln01

    shes? not very good. lol

  19. KaseyRobinson100

    i wish? that i could play piano

  20. TheCrippyo

    AMAZING! marry? me?

  21. bestwebsite123


  22. yamyamaNga

    your? hands are so pretty…you’re like my idol

  23. ladygagafan1002002

    can you? do moonlight sonata PLEASE????

  24. ionakat


  25. TheOrangeMickey

    Play? Moonlight Sonata!

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