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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Make-up Tutorial”

  1. littlestpetshop5678

    You did awesome you kinda look like her too!? You are so good! And also pretty! :)

  2. scholte

    Its a? lightning bolt with three dots at the top on her cheek :)

  3. scholte

    Its a lightning bolt with three dots at the? top on her cheek :)

  4. alyssarhood

    @Dariaah thank you? :)

  5. alyssarhood

    @aerocurl ??

  6. aerocurl


  7. MsBombizzle

    finally someone did it properly!?

  8. Dariaah

    wow, that was really nice! And you’re so pretty! ?

  9. averyshauna

    Beautiful :)))?

  10. lalax04

    @alyssarhood So,? what camera do you use? :) i like your personality as a personnn,

  11. eye1riz

    Wow everything looks smaller? and chiseled,LOL

  12. alyssarhood

    @lmonique314 OOO? If you try it, tweet me a pic!!!! I wanna see :)

  13. alyssarhood

    @TheClaudia87? Thank you!

  14. lmonique314

    love kat she’s awesome and? soooo pretty and you remind me of her…….!! wanna try this lol even though i wouldnt look anything like her…lol :)

  15. lmonique314

    just saw this and its so sexci i love it mamacita:) great great impersonation and look so much like her like this love? it! <3

  16. TheClaudia87

    omg! you? are soo good and gorgeous! amazing makeup! Thanks!!

  17. alyssarhood

    @TheStyleBlog your so sweet.. I? love all YOUR videos!!!!!!!!

  18. alyssarhood

    @xCherryBo0m7x aww? thanks hun :)

  19. alyssarhood

    @lalax04 for some reason, my teeth always film white.. i wish they were that white? in real life lol

  20. alyssarhood

    @xxxvysxxx THANKS :D?

  21. alyssarhood

    @electricgummie thank you! it was so much fun just to wear it? around the house lol

  22. alyssarhood

    @bettyocbeauty thanks? :) :)

  23. TheStyleBlog

    This is SUCH a fun look :)? You can seriously pull off like any look & you’re so amazing with makeup! I love every one of your videos Alyssa :)

  24. alyssarhood

    @Piinkplaymate1 i got mine at walmart.. but I don’t recommend them. They only lasted for two? uses.

  25. Piinkplaymate1

    were can u find kiss eyelashes??

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