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Kat Von D’s LA Ink season 1, episode 1, part 2 – Welcome Home Kat

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25 Responses to “LA Ink 101 pt2”

  1. NanaTheDwarf

    @rem2267 To? each his own man.

  2. dallasstar28

    My? dream is to get tattooed by her

  3. ThisIsRockwellTV

    @imtwys I? KNOW!

  4. crazygirl2501

    lolz @ 3:06 dude fell off surfboard?

  5. imtwys

    OMG!! HOW HOT IS PIXIE??? 😛 DAMN…i? say TOO HOT!!

  6. otay5

    omg.. the tongue thing is soo interesting..?

  7. rem2267

    Should I vomit now, or? wait until later? Oh, and your suggestion to me is anatomically impossible.

  8. jeffer1984

    wait till you get a blowjob? from a splitted tongue you dont want anything else 😉

  9. rem2267

    I love tattoos and piercings, but how nuts do you? have to be to have your tongue split in 2? EEeeek!

  10. xMrMetallica

    wow, that? was one creepy ass toungue right there!

  11. jbobthebandit

    freaky, or sexy?

    Honestly, I’m asking, cos I have? no idea.

  12. FaustSnake

    It’s not that you’re smart enough to use YouTube but that YouTube has been dumbed down? for people like you C:

  13. 0MadWoman0

    pixie is really pretty–and “I will? have that” too :p

  14. celeniacullen1298

    uhm i am sure we no how to spell how do u think we were smart? enough about makin a u tube page there happy i spelled it out properly

  15. bettiep

    I love her makeup at 5:59. I just spotted that tattoo on her right arm. She’s like a 40’s pin up girl. It’s? cute.

  16. simion11

    Corey is just awesome.?

  17. xXCrystalSkullXx

    I really wana get a Day of the dead skull tattoo
    and? Kat did that one so well
    I gota go to her to get it 😛

  18. gloriagordon


  19. purplexy54

    wooot!!! no? commercials!!!!!

  20. TheWeezyAndcammyShow

    i love kat! :]? she’s my icon

  21. vladut15bis

    “Lol” is shorter.?

  22. vladut15bis


  23. WoodenSteelPuppet21

    are you really that bad at english?OO
    it means to laugh? really hard… when sth’s real funny, you know…

  24. stephaniejh

    her artwork is RIDICULOUS! love? her.

  25. gentamasu

    sniki? sniki?

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