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*SEASON 1 EPISODE 25* (info about the episode coming soon!)

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8 Responses to “LA INK • Orbi’s secret • pt. 3/3”

  1. LucysDailyVideos

    @legacy917 you know, I’m young and I actually read a story in a magazine and like a comment well written, Lucas has gender dysphoria and he has something to be proud of. he is happy. you don’t have a heart. grow up and learn that people aren’t all? like you. they are not ignorant pigs who have no brain!!!

  2. Beccie1011

    @legacy917 well im glad you embraced your self… an ignorant arse hole who cant keep their fucking nose OUT of? OTHER peoples OWN LIVES you have absolutly NO RIGHT to tell someone they cant do or be what THEY WANT TO BE so shut the fuck up and stop voiceing your opinions that will hurt others its called cyber bullying and done say its not cause it is you’re essencially putting someone else down because of what they want to be

  3. Kelseyownzmysoul

    @legacy917 It’s called gender identity disorder. Anyone with a degree in psychology can tell you that. He isn’t confused, he didn’t just decide this. It is who he is. Guess what one of the treatments for gender identity disorder is? Gender reassignment surgery. It’s very common. No one who hasn’t gone through it can understand fully, but instead of thinking Lucas is foolish maybe try to see how strong he is? for following his heart and being who he is. :)

  4. legacy917

    cont’d: Lucas, If I was born blonde hair, blue? eyes, pale white skin, and my mother and father were Caucasian and I grew up with an African American neighbor, and decided when I became older that inside I really felt like I was African American too, how foolish would I be to go get plastic surgery to darken my skin pigment, broaden my nose, and make my hair of a harder texture? You are NOT being true to who you really are! You were born a female. Stop trying to be something you aren’t!

  5. legacy917

    Lucas, no matter how hard you try you will never be a man.You think that because? you grew up jealous of your brother that changing your sexual organs will make you the opposite sex? I think it’s hilarious that these people preach to just be yourselves when she is not being herself. NO dummy!! Anybody with a degree in psychology can tell you that the environment you grew up in confused you, and made you wish for the same attention that your brother received. You are NOT a man. Now or EVER! cont’d

  6. Vexlulz

    Man i? love hannah tbh she’s so hot

  7. xEviLescencEx

    ” I feel… like WUUUJUUUU”? hahahahahaha, so sweet

  8. jnicole121

    lucus <3?

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