Kat Von D tattooing…..(666) Part 1 of 2 Posted by admin on January 12th, 2012 | Comments (25) |

Kat tattooing her friends during a crazy night at the HV tattoo shop. Kirk Hammett, Scott Ian, Pearl Aday, Jeffree Star, Death Angel, Brian Posehn.

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D tattooing…..(666) Part 1 of 2”

  1. lovebluegunning

    “hahahahahahaha”? <3333333

  2. lovebluegunning

    kat voice? <3

  3. Slayerkid16

    Maiden playing? in the backround awesome!

  4. kirkssurfing1

    I would really? like to see her tattoo kirk’s ass!!!!

  5. kirkssurfing1

    can anyone find part? 2???

  6. slantyrock

    Scott Ian, Kirk Hammett, Mark Osegueda and Brian Posehn all? getting lame tattooes…..wtf?

  7. PilviKissa

    where is jeffree? star?? wrong description!

  8. 97ipek97

    @nickthecomedian ? just like you :)

  9. outsidersarah101

    in that last picture, you can tell how smashed kirk? is haha

  10. nickthecomedian

    this video? is gay

  11. resematt1980

    How old is everyone here?….doesn’t this seem a little stupid?… scott and kirk go? down a notch for this….666….come on can’t all of these great minds figure out something a little more original…this seems like a high school party w/ tattoos.

  12. NotInTheCojones

    Part? 2?

  13. puppypuppy15

    excuse me if im mistaken, no offence? but weres jeffree star…lol!

  14. 666Glennmaidenfan666

    Kirk Hammett, you son of a bitch, why did you ever? leave Exodus??

  15. 666Glennmaidenfan666

    I can hear The Number Of The Beast album playing on the background^^? Total Eclipse \m/

  16. CryptoDah2

    that guy from the sarah? silverman program!!!

  17. vintagefever21

    Iron Maiden<3?

  18. GuerrillaJoints


  19. AisuTatsuro


  20. candiesandcherries

    why 666 ??

  21. behexenvyxen

    wow, I can’t believe how wasted Kat Von D is!! You should never hold a tattoo machine? to anyone if you’re that much of a train wreck…I don’t care how ‘famous’ or ‘good’ you are : /

  22. moncemnkmnk

    i love kirt? hammett and james heevil of metaliqua!!! hahaha that was funny i get peoples names wrong all the time

  23. CarlaVengeance

    kirt?? lol

  24. Yngwie69


  25. xnoselfesteemx

    :O Part 1 of 2? where’s two? XD?

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