Product Review~ Kat Von D Tatto Liner Triple Threat Set from Sephora (Plus January BoM Reveal) Posted by admin on January 8th, 2012 | Comments (25) |

Got this for 29.00 at Sephora. SHAME on them for calling them brush tips…Cuz they ain’t. Original Tattoo Liner Review: Blossom of the month info:

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25 Responses to “Product Review~ Kat Von D Tatto Liner Triple Threat Set from Sephora (Plus January BoM Reveal)”

  1. tlyndonna

    Super cute? stash :)

  2. XBaseballBarbieX

    I? really need to get on this Blossom of the Month. Each piece you show looks so elegant.

  3. krisisnkaos

    @LisaFreemontStreet Er… did you read further than that?? “What it is formulated to do: Create endless looks with this trio of liners, each with an innovative FELT tip and a quick-drying waterproof formula.”

  4. Msbbopalula

    Only thing? missing was a magic trick and a top hat 😉

  5. Rsqueen223

    i adore your? disney snow white tee, where’d u get it? :)

  6. HikariRose7

    i know that when you? buy just the black liner from the store alone its a brush tip

  7. danilynn13th

    whoops just saw? the link for the flower lol thanks! =))

  8. danilynn13th

    thanks for? the review!!???

  9. danilynn13th

    omg your flower!!!!! where did you get? it?!?!

  10. itwashappiness

    @LisaFreemontStreet That’s odd because on the website, just below what you wrote it says: “Create endless looks with this trio of liners, each with an innovative felt tip and a quick-drying waterproof formula”. However,? I agree that it is a bit misleading.

  11. TheKpoland

    haha I cracked up when the? mustache part came up. I love it. It looked pretty nice too. lol

  12. MissBabyCherie

    LoL, you’re such a ham! Adorable!?

  13. theartismakeup

    Iooool the mustache is hilarious? 😀 thanks for this review!! <3

  14. Katerina5305

    lol did not see that coming! love you!?

  15. Lacquerandlace

    Lol! Love it!?

  16. AintMizzBehavin

    Love the stash. Thumbs up for doing that on camera. ^__^

  17. sexylilaprons

    love your son in the back round with the little accent about looking like a man.? How cute!

  18. onthaszz

    lol :11-:14 cutest? wave ever. especially the eyes blinking. very cute

  19. JenniferGentle88

    The “I’m out of eyes :::mustache:::”!! cracked me up!!! You’re? hysterical.

  20. Aria313

    Love the mustache! I really appreciate this review! I adore the tattoo liner with the brush tip…so I will head to Sephora and buy the individual liners so I don’t end up getting stuck with the felt tip! You? rock…thanks so much!!!

  21. RonnieTheRiveter

    You are hysterical! Dig the? mustache.

  22. MrKerttu

    wish you had a hd? camera

  23. roliboom

    Hee hee! 😉 If anyone can pull off a gardenia, Snow White Tee and a mustache it’s you! Lol? cute!

  24. tymma1

    I just loved the comment from your audience in the bathroom! Thanks? for the review.

  25. kmjcutie94

    @lisafreemontstreet I? can’t find brush tip eyeliner can you give me a brand to look for that’s not super expensive

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