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*SEASON 2 EPISODE 4* Enjoy the episode! xoxo

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13 Responses to “LA INK • Cover girl • pt. 1/3”

  1. karumentic

    11:28 Handsome!!? I would turn lesbian for her =P

  2. Chls122

    back rolls… geez.. she needs to? cool it on the lip injections too..

  3. jasonjayindy

    “WTF” Was that noise at 14:25 & 14:30 . i thought my stomach was growling at? first,or did that add in moo sounds as this chick was talking.

  4. progek82

    “Your one of them booty? girls” Yea…booty and BACK ROLLS! : X

  5. SuperBirdii

    @TheChrisC29 and niche is pronounced like? nitch

  6. HalloMoose

    omg that model’s lips scares? me :/

  7. kpeaches29

    Germany ??? No? way.

  8. TheChrisC29

    LOL she? said my nitch, it’s niche

  9. countroshculla

    She’s from Germany? She sounds like she’s? Latina from LA.

  10. engelarzt

    That old picture of Kat, she is soooooo cute!!!!!! ?

  11. AlexxGGuy

    @supernatt924 I think she was? doing it more for herself more than for a career. That is just how it turned out for her

  12. supernatt924

    not to be a bitch, but she could at least tone up a bit. i’m not saying she should be anorexic- curves are a great thing- but at least do? some situps. i mean if you are really passionate about that career you should be willing to do what they ask. extreme example, but you don’t hear soldiers bitching about how they have to lose weight and get strong. it’s a job requirement. suck it up.

  13. MrBtmelton

    At? 0:34, its Gage from face off

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