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This is a review of all my Kat Von D palettes from Sephora. The colors are awesome and so highly pigmented. I’m going to do tutorials on looks using these palettes soon. Products mentioned (all Kat Von D): Beethoven palette (): Lucifer Speed Blue Razor Grey Tequila Sinner Rad Purple Leather Galeono True Love palette (): Peanut Benji Rebekah Lucifer Cholita Shiba Babe Missy Ludwig palette (): Lucifer Orbi Dimebag Tequila Clay Downtown Baroque Leather 500 point perk from Sephora (FREE!): Motorhead Groupie Confessional Believe

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25 Responses to “Review of Kat Von D palettes: Beethoven, True Love, Ludwig”

  1. laspilly

    Confessional is a brilliant name for a purple… esp. a purple by Kat Von D.. Hahahahaha!!!?

  2. Barbi3Girrl

    I have the beethoven and I love? it!

  3. rainbowgirl678

    I want beetoven? soooo bad! This review was helpful. Thnx!

  4. mikeymodelle

    oh? my your so beautiful

  5. weasalw

    Do u know wen Kat’s next eyeshadow palette will be? out?

  6. pollopopsikle95

    true love isnt limited? edition..

  7. penguins4cup

    if anyone lives in canada, you can get an exact dupe (aka everything [minus the outer design and the applicators] is the same) of the true love palette from? the brand quo for $25 CAD

  8. racergirlalex

    Great video! I love my True Love palette- converted me from spending TONS of Bare Minerals :-) I just picked up the Limited Edition Adora palette on? sale right now- please let me know if you ever get that one and do a video!

  9. mlkmproductions

    i have the true love pallete. thanks? for saying that it has a cream because i thought it was messed up, so i was gunna return it. i also have ludwig, but i dont like the color leather becuase its too hard to blend…


  10. vampiriamarianna

    they wer sponge or? not. Now I know, all the other videos wasted my time. Great review love ur video. Xoxo

  11. vampiriamarianna

    thanks for talkin about the brushes that come? with.. I was wondering if thet

  12. Grievousig101

    I love her palettes so much I buy them all. Not a big fan of the cream eyeshadows as they dried up in all my? palettes. The only limited edition ones are Gypsy and Momento Mori, they have the Adora one out now, but it’s limited too.

  13. mahaileygirl

    This was really cool I’ve been wanting to pick up some of her shadows and? this helped me so much! Can you do a perfume tutorial o.o..plse

  14. metalchick891

    these palettes are all on sale for $24 @? sephora, I got ludwig and I’m in loveee.thanks for this vid btw :)

  15. babyfacewithicing

    u kno tht its not in EVERY pallette?

  16. RibbonsandDiamonds

    Which palette do u like the most? I of course want some of the really dramatic ones just cuz they look awesome o.o? but Im looking one that i can wear to school… bleh 😛 lol

  17. TheKyannaK

    which palette do? you like best?!?!?!?!?!?!

  18. green1is1scene

    i have that . lol , love the video<3?

  19. lkelley0904

    that’s? ok thank you!

  20. EasyAccessBeauty

    No I don’t I’m sorry, but they do have? a new palette now called Memento Mori, I show it in my recent haul.

  21. lkelley0904

    do you know when? they are going to stop making true love?

  22. EasyAccessBeauty

    Oh cool thanks? for letting me know. I have some of them like Lounge and Grifter. I really like them. Are there any colors in particular that you recommend?

  23. princess62067

    look at the urban decay duochromes! THEY ARE AMAZING! if you go to their website, they tell you which of their shadows are duo. I CANT? RANTT ABOUT THEM ENOUGH!

  24. EasyAccessBeauty

    ok cool I will totally check those? out thanks for letting me know:)

  25. ducky811

    I love the lipsticks that I have. I have HellBent and a pink shade, can’t think of the? name right now. Overall..I love those and will be buying more very soon. Thanks for asking.

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