Kat Von D shops at Trashy Lingerie for Halloween Posted by admin on December 18th, 2011 | Comments (10) |

Kat Von D is looking for a funny Halloween costume. Follow Hollywood.TV on Facebook @ facebook.com/hollywoodasithappens

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10 Responses to “Kat Von D shops at Trashy Lingerie for Halloween”

  1. 1995mscastro

    @MrIceBrick 1 mistake. wow. kill me now -.-
    u must be a sad? person to be trashing ppl from the JS or Kat herself. dont worry about other ppl’s lifes if they were ment to be on the spot light then they will stay in the spot light, if not then they’ll fade away, so dont be butt hur about it. mind ur own buisness and if u dont like it dont watch videos like this. BYE.

  2. MrIceBrick

    @1995mscastro yeah i like how now a days a person becomes a “celeb,” with just one show lmao…..its like those ppl from “Jersey Shore,” are considered “celebs,”–ridiculous; the show sucks and the ppl have no talent. im pretty sure, but correct me if im wrong, you? ment to say her not “ur,” duh!–lmao you might want to save the insults for when you can actually put words together 😉

  3. Daarkvader

    @MrIceBrick took the? words out of my mouth.

  4. MercedesBnz


    She looks? like she stinks.

  5. ai5H4

    She looks so much like? Amy Winehouse

  6. NewWaveFan1

    @TheeUrbanGentleman fuck that up? yeah.

  7. TheeUrbanGentleman

    I love her hips. Would? bang that infected body if i was gonna die.

  8. 1995mscastro

    @MrlceBrick because of ur? tv show duh!


    That’s the? Irish guy from tmz lol

  10. MrIceBrick

    first off why is Kat Von D a celeb?…shes not, shes just an artist; and holy crap man leave her alone. you can clearly tell she doesnt feel comfortable with you around and you keep? going–asshole leeches lol

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