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PLEASE EXPAND FOR MORE INFO………. Shop with me at Mary Kay, visit my site: www.marykay.com Here is the link to my “strawberry blush technique”: youtu.be Here are the links to my Blog, Twitter, Facebook, personal YouTube channel, and vegan themed collab channel. www.cosmeticcouturier.blogspot.com http youtube.com www.cosmeticcouturier.blogspot.com http www.facebook.com www.gracemscc@yahoo.com Forbusiness inquiries send all info to www.designergrace@yahoo.com Below is a list of products mentioned in order of appearance. Everything I have used that is no longer available is labeled with an (LE) for limited edition. Everything that is cruelty free is labeled with a (CF). Everything that is from a cruelty free company, and has strictly vegan ingredients is labeled with a (V). Everything that is from a vegan brand therefore has vegan ingredients only is labeled with a (*V), as it will therefore be purely vegan, and contain no remnants of animal or insect bi-products (lanolin, beeswax, carmine, etc) within the product itself or manufacturing facility. Thanks for watching and I hope that you enjoy. On my nails is Orly Nail Lacquer in Oui (CF, LE Christmas Collection, 2011) Eyes 1. Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden (CF) 2. Wet N’ Wild I Love Matte Palette: (V) -“Browbone” eyeshadow (soft matte peach) -“Browbone” eyeshadow (soft matte white) -“Eyelid” eyeshadow (medium matte peach) 3. Urban Decay The Black Palette: (CF) -Libertine eyeshadow -Cobra eyeshadow -Black Dog eyeshadow

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25 Responses to “Kat Von D Makeup Tutorial”

  1. cosmeticcouturier

    @HolyBats27 Yes it can, but as its hard to know suppliers, I usually mean parent co. that owns it when I say 3rd party. the reason I stray from 3rd party when I know that a parent owns it is bc they reap all the rewards, and take the money, so for me personally, and some other? vegans, its like putting money directly in the hands of those who do test.

  2. HolyBats27

    @cosmeticcouturier Does 3rd? party testing mean the supplier?

  3. cosmeticcouturier

    @HolyBats27? I think there is 3rd party testing…

  4. HolyBats27

    Do you know if Kat? Von D’s actual makeup line is cruelty-free/vegan?

  5. cosmeticcouturier

    @artemislykos yes this lady has had some loves in her life…I think rt now there is? a waiting list for LA Ink πŸ˜€

  6. artemislykos

    This was so great!!!! :) I’ve always loved? her, no matter what idiot male she was with! I feel so bad that I missed out (by being too young a year or two) on getting tattooed by her, because she lived in Dallas with her ex husband back about 2005-ish and that’s about half an hour away from me! Drat!

  7. cosmeticcouturier

    @thedarksaviour755 thanks so? much

  8. thedarksaviour755

    You look fantasic and beautiful in all these looks. This one looks super good on you, you? have beautiful eyes :)

  9. cosmeticcouturier

    @Brenomatic Get it while you can its great :D?

  10. cosmeticcouturier

    @Huitasunna I love all her looks some are more berry toned and have? purple shadows, some are grey eyes with red intense cherry lips πŸ˜€

  11. cosmeticcouturier

    @DangerousFayth I didnt include that bc the stars are her tattoos not? her makeup πŸ˜€

  12. cosmeticcouturier

    @pleasewakeupflorence? closest shade they have is Brule πŸ˜€ but its not too dark I am afraid.

  13. Huitasunna

    i really really like this eye make up!!!? But I would like the look with a bit more reddish lip. But thatΒ΄s my personal taste :)

  14. DangerousFayth

    finally, a Kat Von D? tutorial where they don’t spend half the video drawing stars on their face!! πŸ˜€

  15. pleasewakeupflorence

    i love the look! do you know if? wet and wild makes a single of the dark matte peach eyeshadow from the matte palette?

  16. Brenomatic

    you did a great job! i see the i <3 matte palette is pretty cool.. i guess i will have to go pick it up? from walgreen's after all. you've convinced me :p

  17. cosmeticcouturier

    @meganrmorse? thanks

  18. cosmeticcouturier

    @jenyce haaa glad you like so? many of them πŸ˜€

  19. cosmeticcouturier

    @MaKeUpFrEaK408? thanks

  20. cosmeticcouturier

    @girlintrouble2 πŸ˜€ thanks?

  21. cosmeticcouturier

    @MrsTabbyTabb thanks?

  22. cosmeticcouturier

    @xoyouaremysunshinexo awesome thanks?

  23. cosmeticcouturier

    @LipsSpeaks thank? you

  24. cosmeticcouturier

    @pammyglo1 I take em to the groomers. Its at someones house so that they aren’t caged in the process…bc it makes em nervous and they will feel abandoned or put in the pound…if the? dogs don’t trust the process, then I don’t.

  25. cosmeticcouturier

    @RosElisabeth? thanks

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