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This was a portrait that was airbrushed of Kat Von D live at the Philly Auto Show 09. For more information and to check out our other work, go to

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21 Responses to “Airbrushed Kat Von D portrait”

  1. inkjections

    i did? a portrait of Kat too, but i dont think i could ever do it in air brushing. this looks great. :)

  2. TheCozmikTruth

    use iwata typo?

  3. TheCozmikTruth

    My name is cozmo, I airbrush as well and have been trying to get some personal time to go? down there. what airbrush brand do u use btw? i sue iwata, and what brand of black paint is that, i defenetly know its not createx

  4. brightblondegir

    um, what songs? are playing?

  5. brightblondegir

    um, what song is/was? that?

  6. 100puerto1

    now? thats sum sik shit!!!!skillz!!!

  7. ghostuscani

    wow? great work!!!

  8. KABLE999



    fred was born in as small town just west of mongolia i’m his step father christpher waltkins i taught little? fredie how to paint ,break dance ,and is currently helping him with his count choculate addiction fred is currently hetro sexuual .but has been known to appreciate a strong hairy female and very talented


    wow this guy is the fastest air brush? artist i ever seen other then christopher walkins
    YO ….i can’t post a video response
    WHAT UP?

  11. edhubbs

    Fred that is awesome!?

  12. Chhaaddd

    Everything piece of? work this guy does is sick.

  13. angelzfalldown

    yes it? is :)

  14. Chhaaddd

    Is that? Fred Sicoli(sp)?

  15. Nessalicious117



    It wasn’t hand free, if you? look at it closely theres an outline


    I saw this picture? whenI wasin phily

  18. kperucita86

    no? comment………………WOW!

  19. FreNki5639

    WOooooW!!! Nice work and I love Kat Von D also
    5 stars from me for this video… ;D~?


    your onE talented KISSAL 5*X10
    W.LOVE’S? YA
    WE DO

  21. cantfindnameXD

    damn bro for freehanding all that it turned out awsome though she is much more beautiful in real life i? think ya did a great job capturing her in that portrait. what kind of brush are you useing there looked like you were useing createx am i right lol tell ragz i said wuddd up 😉

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