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“Mad Scientist” Phil is looking for a fiery tattoo to show his love of asteroids

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25 Responses to “LA INK: Mad Scientist”

  1. TinyVessels00

    he sounds like he didn’t like it that much either.?

  2. TSchneids22

    who cares what? you people think if he likes it he likes it

  3. M4rkh0lm

    This guy? should do a space-themed sleeve. That’d be awesome.

  4. MascotOfAGeneration

    i really like hi tattoo?

  5. ForestGateKid

    to be honest i dont really rate this artist the couple? of tats ive seen him do arnt that great

  6. m3liee13

    i’m a? scientist i don’t want to cry.

  7. infam0usprimeX

    i can see that being made into a? amazing sleeve

  8. mazafuzle

    he didnt pay for the tat,…..?

  9. hijunk1


  10. djffcawb

    looks like a? big ass cookie on fire

  11. SAMR33

    oops i made a mistake~? not only Kat and Corey, but Kim and Hannah as well if they’re still on the show~

  12. SAMR33

    well in L.A ink~ only Kat and Corey is good~ the rest is? just jokes~

  13. akaChaoticHazard

    thats a? really dorky tattoo lol

  14. renateey

    NOT a fan of that tattoo…kinda looks like one of them tattoos you get in bubblegum wraps :/
    And even worse is the tattoo guy (i always forget his name) he always acts like such a prick! D:<

  15. maikeru01

    looks like a drawing by a? 4 year old…

  16. eggonpetraw

    lame? tat

  17. locolani234

    haha the scientist looks? and acts exactly like my dad
    this is why i love him:3

  18. BRADSmediaTV

    the colors and? the cartoonie look to it make it awsome

  19. rekhary

    bad? decision of a scientist!

  20. joanneheartsstrokes

    looks like a wasp nest?

  21. Australian22

    should get a sleeve out of it…?

  22. cassiecannibalx

    wish the? tattooist didn’t seem like such a closed-off prick.

  23. brittdvn230

    lol i loved the guy getting the tattoo he was too funni…he reminds me of my astronomy teacher?

  24. yippe

    thats rubbish?

  25. ORSINOart

    Love tat’s, But I really? don’t like this one :(

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