Fuel’s Toryn Green And Carl Bell on LA Ink Posted by admin on December 8th, 2011 | Comments (25) |

Toryn Green of Fuel gets a Sinner/Saint Tattoo on an episode of LA Ink

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25 Responses to “Fuel’s Toryn Green And Carl Bell on LA Ink”

  1. torynsirishlove

    He’s so awesome! I even named my son after him :)

  2. ForTheTakingOfficial

    Toryn fans, check out the new record.. – itunes.apple. com /us/album/blackout-ep/id458347­078. Just remove spaces.

  3. radiantpixie

    Hey guy and gals…Toryn’s band For The Taking has a new band fanpage on Facebook…Let’s show our support! Search ‘For The Taking Street Team’ and hit the “like” button… : )

  4. radiantpixie

    Hey guy and gals…Toryn’s band For The Taking has a new band fanpage on Facebook…Let’s show our support! Search For The Taking Street Team and hit the “like” button… : )

  5. sexitaliana629

    @WhiteStripesDude1 yea I’ve been told that he’s a nice guy haha. My friends bands FFR and Craving Strange play with him in NY all the time. All the guys in FTT were in A Farewell Fire and thats how I met them, a few years ago. I know Eddie the most though. I was complaining to Eddie once about him and the next time I went to go and see them play Toryn was nice lol. I’m not a fan of him but I do like the band.

  6. WhiteStripesDude1

    @sexitaliana629 Man, how fucking wrong are you. He gave my band tips. He’s a great guy. Don’t be a douchebag. And which guys in FTT do you know because i’ve met all of them. I’ve known the guitar plkayer for two years so don’t bullshit it either.

  7. tamtam9981

    he will never replace brett

  8. FergsJasmine

    Love toryn! lol x

  9. sexitaliana629

    @godsmacklicious umm hes a douchebag. i have a few friends in a band with him now called for the taking. hes an ass and def NOT a performer. when he talks to the crowd its soo forced. not into it

  10. sexitaliana629

    @viperv770 brett is back and just as amazing!!

  11. hugsNkisses18

    @Philllllll lmao
    i love brett but what you said about the “s” was pretty funny.
    did he have a lisp or something?
    <3 i love toryn <3

  12. pinkbutterflystar

    @godsmacklicious OH YEA!!!!!

  13. volleyballcutie12

    toryn sucks like naboo1989 said change name brett is feul

  14. driven1032

    man carls a stupid mutha fucka and i swear that toryn green takes and gives it up the anal with carl

  15. Liber8ed

    Drugs much? Obviously not a real fuel fan.

  16. godsmacklicious

    Toryn is fuckin’ hot!

  17. Philllllll

    lol brett’s voice was not that great. he couldnt pronounce his esses and toryn has twice as much breath to his voice. i didnt listen to them until he was in it, you just don’t like change :) although if they were like your favorite band i can imagine that being pretty gutting haha. x

  18. naboo1989

    Hey Fuel! change your name…to INXS…Brett Scallions WAS Fuel – this guy is just a karaoke clown. Bahahahhaha.

  19. brandon22nelson

    that tat is fuckin sick!!! i want it lol

  20. MaThwax

    Toryn Green is my fucking hero

  21. tsamantha3

    i love this man! he definately is awesome!

  22. kurt5000yh

    my name is toryn too haha

  23. brightfallenstar

    what a yummy looking man!

  24. applejucie44

    toryn is sexxy!!!! he rocks!!!!!

  25. badderthanyou

    Brett had a million times better voice. Can’t take the new dude butchering the songs.

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